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Repair & Maintenance of a Lawn-Boy Snow Thrower

    General Maintenance

    • 1). Check that all the blade and engine connections on the thrower are fastened tightly before using and check occasionally during breaks in usage. This will ensure the snow thrower will perform in safe working order.

    • 2). Allow the Lawn-Boy to cool down completely before putting it away. Never store the snow thrower in a room where there is a source of ignition such as furnaces, clothes dryer and heaters if there is still fuel in the gas tank.

    • 3). Add a fuel stabilizer to your Lawn-Boy snow thrower during breaks in usage. Fuel stabilizers prevent the fuel from degrading and will also prevent deposits from clogging the fuel passages and carburetor.

    • 4). Check all the labels and warnings on your machine frequently to make sure they are legible. Clean the labels if they become dirty and if the words begin to fade replace the labels.

    • 5). Follow the recommended oil and gas ratio for the Lawn-Boy snow thrower, which is 50:1 gas-to-oil mixture. The gas-to-oil ratio is printed on the gas cap and in the operator's manual. You need to strictly follow this ratio because too little oil can damage the engine, while too much oil makes additional exhaust emissions. Too much exhaust emission can damage the spark plug.

    • 6). Tighten the nuts and bolts of the control connections of the snow thrower regularly. Vibrations from the thrower tend to loosen these.

    Clear a Clogged Discharge Chute

    • 1). Turn off the engine of the snow thrower. Wait a full 10 seconds before proceeding to ensure that the blades have come to a complete stop.

    • 2). Remove the snow causing the blockage in the discharge chute by breaking it into pieces until the chute is clear. A screwdriver works well for this.

    • 3). Turn on the engine of the snow thrower and make sure it works properly. If the shoot is still clogged, repeat the procedure again to unclog the chute.

    Repair an Engine that Won't Start

    • 1). Check to see if you are using fuel that is not more than 30 days old.

    • 2). Check to see if the spark plug wire is connected to the spark plug. Also check to see if the spark plug is damaged.

    • 3). See if the air filter of the snow thrower is clean and not damaged.

    • 4). Contact an authorized Lawn-Boy service provider for assistance if the thrower still won't start.

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