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How to Get Well-Structured .CSV File for Efficient PrestaShop Bulk Product Upload?

A growing number of online merchants take advantage of PrestaShop bulk product upload, since they know that it is considered to be as the fastest possible method of uploading PrestaShop new products to your store along with making changes to your current data. Leaving along obvious benefits of PrestaShop bulk product upload, a great deal of store owners often indicate that this procedure is very complicated for beginners and non-experts, since it demands excessive amount of technical skills from the person who running it.

Having to perform PrestaShop import process, the main thing store owner should start from is to prepare properly organized .csv file with all the data for import included there. It is the first and basic step, however, even this initial step can be distressing for online vendor, even if he/she doing it not for the first time.

Naturally, one of the most common question that occurs at this step is - where to get correctly structured  .csv file with all the data at their places for smooth PrestaShop import from .csv?

In fact, there are 3 common ways you can follow to get that file:
1) In case you want to change the products, which you sell for quite a while, you can export your current items to the file and carry out the needed modifications in that file, for example change stock level or price of the products and after that import it back.
2) Another method is to address your supplier with the request to provide you with .csv file in which there should be new updated data on your existing products along with PrestaShop new products you would like to have at your store.
3) It is also possible for you to make necessary file yourself and indicate in it the right information for upload. You should remember also about the fields which Prestashop itself treat as obligatory (Name, status, reference). If you need the sample of well-structured .csv file, you can also first export the products you already have at your store. In this way you will receive the visual model of how your .csv file should look like.  

So after you have all the information in .csv file, it is possible to say that you have passed half way. However, another half is as as important as the stage of file preparation.

In order to make PrestaShop import from .csv the daily task which brings pleasure and save you from issues and stress, special guide for import procedure was developed, it is called Import/Export Wizard of Store Manager for PrestaShop. Using it import becomes an easy task even for a novice, since it serves like and an experienced guide which leads you on every step of the process by providing useful tips with information on what you need to do.

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