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How to Fold a Tefillin Yad

    • 1). Remove the tefillin shel yad from your arm.

    • 2). Kiss the top of the box, and place it in its protective container. Hold it so the end with the strap is facing your body.

    • 3). Tighten the strap underneath the box. Do not over-tighten, as this will pull the pre-tied knot away from the box of the tefillin shel yad. The knot should naturally rest against the box, even when the strap is not holding it in place.

    • 4). Wrap the strap up and around the front end of the small ledge that extends from the box. Maintain tension, but do not continue to wrap the strap under the ledge.

    • 5). Turn the box around so that the longer ledge faces away from you. Wrap the strap around the right-hand ledge approximately seven times (you will have to judge the correct number of wraps from the length of your strap and the size of your box, the goal is to have the same number of windings on both sides of the box).

    • 6). Turn the box one more time so that the ledge with the strap is facing your body (as in step 2). Wrap the remaining length of strap over the empty ledge on the other side of the box. Try to ensure that the knot is lightly pressed against the box.

    • 7). Place the tefillin shel yad next to the tefillin shel rosh in the tefillin bag. Be sure to place it on the same side every time, so when you reach into the bag you find the correct tefillin, as it is considered inappropriate to "pass over" one tefillin to take the other.

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