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3 Business Coaching Tips I Taught My Daughter

Robyn, my oldest daughter is in grad school in New York.
  I recently hired her to edit my newsletters and some of my web copy.
 We have been working really well together.
 It was great to have her home for spring break recently.
It was especially fun to have her take an interest and help with my new home-based business.
 I never get enough of my girls.
I could not help but notice that Robyn is dealing with some struggles that I actually felt at her age, especially after visiting home once I had moved away.
 There is an overwhelming feeling that there is so much to do yet so little time.
 It was true then and it is true now, that it always comes down to setting our priorities and making our choices.
 I trust she will work it out.
For me, it took identifying what is most important and who is most important and with that, I give my undivided attention...
or the largest piece of my life-pie.
Another slice goes to my career, which on the one hand sustains us but on the other it is a creative playground.
 Identifying these priorities meant sometimes having to just say NO.
  Setting priorities is even more crucial when you have a home-based, direct selling, or party plan business because your home is the mecca for business and family.
Realizing what I value early on however has kept me full from joy and free from regret...
so I try and encourage others to do the same.
                                                                                                             Robyn's answers to her questions might be very different than my own.
 I do believe however that the process is the same - decide what is most important, and the rest falls into place.
I really enjoy our conversations about the new business.
  I am keenly interested in her perspective, especially since she has no problems voicing her issues with sales people.
 As you can imagine, this always leads to interesting discussion.
  The conversation that day went like this...
After reading my bio, and noticing my track record for taking others to the top...
Robyn could not help but reflect.
Unemployed, drowning, in debt and entrenched in grad school, she looked up and said, "Mom, why don't you take me to the top?"   As our conversation continued...
we talked about setting priorities, speaking up and reaching out.
  Over the years I have learned the value of:
  1. Setting priorities and making choices
  2. Asking for advice when needed
  3. Withholding advice until asked
As a work-at-home mom, we wait for these moments.
These tips are a reminder for us as sales leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and family alike.
  So in this month of May and in honor of all the special moms and daughters out there...
enjoy the conversation.

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