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How to Be a Successful Actor

You can be a successful actor.
I repeat.
If you WANT to be a successful actor, you CAN be a successful actor.
There are hundreds of sources that can teach you the basics of acting, so that is not what I'm here to do.
I am not an expert on acting, but I can teach you how you can become the success you want to be.
Perhaps you are already a seasoned actor, but are somehow stuck in limbo.
The truth is, you don't have to be GREAT to be a successful actor.
You don't have to be GREAT LOOKING to be a successful actor.
What you need is proper knowledge, proper experience, proper marketing, and visibility.
Proper Knowledge.
Knowledge is what you get from reading.
Knowledge is what you get from going to school.
It is the basis of any craft, hobby, or profession.
If you don't have the knowledge to do something, you are going to have a very difficult time getting experience.
Knowledge is important.
Knowledge is the reason that I try to spend at least eight hours a week in my local book store reading.
In the field of acting, there are many paths to knowledge.
Many colleges and high schools offer theatre.
Most colleges should offer advanced acting courses and some may offer complete focus on the subject.
There are many books and videos on the subject.
And, there are many independent instructors that may be retired, or are just looking for some extra money.
I personally find eBooks to be a great resource for learning.
If you get only one thing out of this, do not ever forget, knowledge is not experience.
Just ask the college graduate who never did anything with his life.

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