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Feverfew Migraine - A Natural Treatment

Migraine is an intensive pain in the head or headache.
This is one of the intolerable pains that a certain individual could acquire.
The head wherein most of the migraine symptoms occur encloses the brain.
The brain functions together with the nervous system of the human body.
The nervous system is divided into two major systems.
The central nervous system includes the spinal chord and the brain while the other one is the peripheral nervous system which includes the nerves that connect to the brain and the spinal cord.
Treating migraine is not a very easy step.
Although there are many natural methods used in lessening the pain of this neurological syndrome, curing it with Feverfew migraine is not a big problem anymore.
A fact is that you are not required spending a lot of money from purchasing expensive medicines.
Migraines are caused by too much stress not just physical but emotional and mental stress too.
This syndrome for some women may be a cause of some hormonal changes or occurrences in their body.
Exposure from too much sunlight is said to be a great contributor for migraines to trigger.
Blurry and hazy visions, nausea resulting to vomiting, too much headaches and some numbness are the common symptoms of migraines.
Once it attacks always stay in a dark room and any noise.
Take a cold shower and put a cold cloth behind your neck to lessen the pain.
Eat fruits and foods that are rich in vitamins C and B3.
Providing Feverfew migraines has a possibility to lessen or reduce the pain.
There are many natural ways in treating migraines and it includes Feverfew.
What is a Feverfew by the way? Feverfew or the Tanacetum parthenium is under the family of herbs.
Specifically it belongs to the family of the daisies.
Many people long time ago used this herb as a treatment for different kinds of illness since modern medicines in form of drugs are not created at that time yet.
It has an anti-inflammatory property which makes it the best and natural substitute for illness and diseases such as: 1.
colitis, 2.
Parkinson's disease, 3.
Hepatitis and more.
This plant is very easy to take care of; so growing it in your home is not a big problem since it doesn't require too much of your attention.
Although Feverfew has a lot of uses as herbal medicines there are also its own side effects.
What are these side effects? 1.
Diarrhea is one of its side effects.
Anxiety, 3.
nausea resulting to vomiting, 4.
some digestive disorders and 5.
swollen parts of the face These are included in the bad effects of using Feverfew migraines.
Many studies proved that Feverfew can prevent the attack of migraines.
This herb might contain a certain substance on it that can prevent the blood vessels in the brain to dilate and release chemicals that causes the pain.
Based in many laboratory studies that shows the different kinds of effects of the Feverfew as a natural cure for migraine; persons attacked with migraine should use this regularly or daily.
Two capsules a day is best if applied as a dried herb for two or more years.
Although Feverfew can relieve migraine syndrome, it is still better and recommendable to see a licensed doctor for further knowledge about migraines.
There are times that you thought it is just a simple migraine but the truth is it develops into severe illness.
Aiding this annoying headache through Feverfew migraine is a very pleasant and smart idea, so heal more, and save more!

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