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In our last step we did a few simple routines to boost your self confidence temporarily.
At this point you should be eager to jump off your sit a run over towards her.
Don’t do it! Wait.
We still need to do a few things.
If after you followed this simple routine you are still feeling scared you should redo it one or more times or even order yourself another something to drink.
You should know you are ready if your heart isn’t beating hard from the thought of walking over towards her and you are completely calm and feeling good with the idea.
Now we are reay for the next step.
Step Two: Making eye contact.
This is the most important part.
Look at her.
Look at her eyes.
Wait patiently until she looks in your direction.
When she does, try to concentrate on her "bridge".
The bridge is the middle part between her eyes.
Exactly in the middle, between her eyes (or the top of the nose).
This is the big secret.
When you look towards someone and you stare into their bridge, they immediately feel wired because it seems to them that you are getting inside their head.
This is what hypnotists call a "penetrating look".
This actually takes the person you are staring at off balance and even if she didn’t notice you so far, you can be sure she does now.
Always keep focused on the bridge.
Now, a few things can happen.
According to her reaction you should decide your next move: 1.
She looks back at your eyes for a second and then you see her moving a bit in her chair or touching her hair or face and then she looks away – This is an excellent response.
She noticed you.
You changed something in her internal balance and she doesn’t know how to handle it exactly.
She also thinks you have a lot more self confidence then her.
If this happens, you should wait for a minute and then proceed to the next step.
She looks back at your eyes and gets stuck in them – she doesn’t look away and she looks directly back at you.
Don’t Panic! This is where most guys fail.
This just means she has a lot of self confidence and she is testing you to see if you are afraid of her.
That’s just her way to prove to herself she is better then you and that you are not worthy of her.
Don’t worry, we are just about to confuse her back to where we want her.
This is what you do: keep focused on her bridge.
Imagine yourself digging into her mind and ignore her looking back at you.
Then, after a few seconds, pick up your drink and slowly start drinking as you take your eyes off her.
Make sure you are doing this in the most relaxed way possible.
Remember: this is not a match to see who blinks first! By doing this you make her subconsciously confused.
She thinks you are interested in her but then you just get back to your drink as if you were just trying to figure something about her.
She will automatically think something is wrong about her and her self confidence will drop down in a second.
Most of the times this should be enough.
Take a few minutes to drink some more or talk to your friends and then get back to her bridge and wait until she makes eye contact again.
Don’t worry, she will, because she is so curious to figure you out.
Everyone likes to figure out the person in front of them and to decide their opinion about him.
You just deprived her of this.
When you do make eye contact again she should act as the first reaction described and quickly move her eyes from you.
That’s great! You won the battle.
Continue to next step.
If she again looks directly into your eyes, then you found your self an interesting project.
This is what you do: follow the same routine.
Focus on her bridge for a few seconds and then, as you slowly pick up your drink snick a little "self satisfied" smile towards her.
Make sure this smile is more "mysterious" then "obvious" (practice this in front of the mirror at home a few times).
This sends out a clear message to her: "I want you and I know you want me too".
She will immediately see you as a self assured guy and that’s what women want.
Now, wait a few minutes and continue to the next step.
She just doesn’t look back at your eyes.
No matter how hard you focus on her bridge, she just doesn’t seem to pay any attention to that.
Oh my god! What should I do now? Well, believe it or not, she is simply not interested in getting to know anyone.
She is probably married' has a boyfriend or just not into it.
It doesn’t mean you are ugly or disgusting.
Just relax and find another subject.
Now, we are finally ready for the last part.
Hold on, make sure you didn’t skip a step, and continue reading.
End of Part 2.
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