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Actor"s Abundance - 7 Steps For Attraction

Every one of us - including YOU - has abundance readily available to them, although most people do not access it.
Actors in particular seem to feel that they are somehow at the effect of everything and have no power to bring abundance about.
Here are seven steps for you to create abundance and whatever else you want in your life.
Be honest with yourself about how much you do or do not value yourself as an actor.
One of the most challenging aspects of working as an actor is that there are just so damn many people who want to do it! In marketing, it's what's known as a commodity.
You may or may not have done branding to come up with what really sets you apart.
But what matters more than that is how you feel deep inside about your own unique value.
Look within yourself to the deepest place and see where you are not really valuing yourself to the degree you could.
See what belief you're holding that is undermining what you really want.
It might be something like, "I'm too old.
" Or "I'm pretty much the same as everyone else in my category.
" 2.
Ask yourself whether you logically agree with what that belief is or if it is essentially an old superstition.
You might be carrying some baggage from the past that just haven't really identified as simply an old wives' tale.
This could be something negative your parents or kids at school used to say and so forth.
Sometimes just by becoming aware of it, it'll disappear because you see how crazy it is.
But if it is something that you really believe, then you need to take the next step.
If you really believe it and feel it, then resolve within yourself what you are going to do about it.
For example, if your belief is that you are too old, then you can either make a choice to pursue your career anyway but never use that as an excuse to yourself to be stopped again.
Or you could say, "It's true, so I'm getting out of the business.
" If it is something like, "I don't have enough contacts," then you could determine what actions you will take to make them.
Somehow, you have to come up with a resolution to this issue so your inner intention can be fully aligned and you can fully go for what you want without anything holding you back.
Create a new belief.
When you get rid of an old belief, you must replace it with a new belief or the other one will settle back in.
So now you need to create a new belief.
For example, with the "I'm too old" belief.
You could create a new belief that says: "I am vibrant, exciting, and creative, and everyone feels very alive around me.
" This could make sure you don't settle into that feeling of "oldness" no matter what your biological age is.
If your belief is "I always miss the boat.
" Then you might create something like: "I am always at the right place at the right time and things come to me readily and easily.
" 5.
Actively generate a relaxed, joyful, happy, peaceful feeling of abundance and ingrain your New Belief into your brain, body, mind, and soul.
Every morning, night, and during the day if possible, consciously take a few minutes (or more) and within yourself, relax and generate a joyful, happy, peaceful feeling of abundance.
Over and over in your mind, repeat your New Belief in a way that you really experience it to be true.
As actors, THIS SHOULD BE EASY FOR YOU! It's the same thing you do when you create a character.
You imagine that the situation is true and you become that character.
Do the same thing for yourself with regards to your career and the abundance you want! Play the role of the future you who is wealthy, joyful, and fulfilled.
Keep repeating these steps until you are completely free of anything that is in the way of you having the abundance that is rightfully yours.
Just know that you must keep truing yourself up to what you want.
If you are not at peace where you are as you are generating this abundance, you need to keep doing the steps over and over until you are no longer worried about whether or not it is going to happen for you, you just know that it will and you are not worried about it.
Anything short of this feeling, go back to the beginning and keep clearing these "counter-intentions," as Joe Vitale from the movie "The Secret," calls them.
Continue to more and more strongly imagine and experience yourself as a wealthy, working actor who is worth whatever you wish to be worth!
Although this is easier said than done, it is pretty simple.
You literally just keep creating this to be your truth and you will begin to attract abundance to you.
But you must give yourself over to it.
I write this not only from my experience, but it is the same idea that is talked about in the movie "The Secret," Napoleon Hill's "Think And Grow Rich," Dr.
Wayne Dyer's "The Power of Intention
," and many, many others.
Good luck as you begin to apply this on a regular basis.
As you up your inner worth as an actor, your outer net worth will begin to increase also.

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