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You and your debt are unique. It takes courage to seek help for your debt. It is important to find a service that treats you that way. With a proven debt-management solution, you can likely become debt-free within three years or less. Thousands of people have eliminated their debts with debt relief services. It is important to design your debt-relief program and savings plan to meet your goals. It is important to do your homework. Credit Solutions is a good starting point. They are a recognized leader in debt management.

Credit Solutions - Helping You

Credit Solutions is the largest for-profit debt management company in the United States, managing over $1.73 billion of unsecured debt for their clients. They have a 99.32% satisfaction rate based on the ratio of complaints to total clients served. Credit Solutions has worked with 143,626 consumers to date and have 84,051 current clients as of March 18, 2008. They help by securing a reduction in your outstanding debt, providing you with solid financial information and innovative budgeting tools.

Since their start in 2003, Credit Solutions has grown to over 700 employees. Along the way, they have never stopped searching for ways to improve their customer service, investing in the very best technology and processes. Credit Solutions' high-tech customer service was recently recognized by Red Herring, a worldwide media leader, when they were named a finalist in the prestigious Red Herring 100. In the last 12 months, they have eliminated more than $265 million of debt for our clients. They leverage their size, experience and proven track record to ensure you savings as you become debt-free.

Why Choose Credit Solutions?
  • Reduce Total Balances

  • Avoid Bankruptcy

  • No Credit Checks

  • Home Ownership Not Required

  • Get Out of Debt in 12-36 Months

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