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Smaller is better when it comes to portion sizes.
I went to the Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island when I lived in Brooklyn.
There were about 20 contestants from all over the world competing to see how many hot dogs (with buns) they could stuff in their throats in a given time.
The winner from Japan managed to stuff over 50 hot dogs down his throat in a matter of minutes!Those guys could definitely use a lesson on portion control.
I was always taught to finish everything on my plate.
My mother would tell me that I'd have to do so in order to leave the table or if I wanted dessert.
There were times when I forced it down just to get up from the table.
My brother was even more stubborn.
I can remember the whole family leaving the table to leave him leaning over a serving of green beans that he was just too full to put down.
For my brother and I--and I'm sure for most of you--this was a powerful and lasting lesson in overeating.
There are still times when I need to take control over my portion size, because that was so deeply ingrained in my head at such a young age.
Here's How to Control Your Portion Size with Ease: 1.
Serve your own plate.
If you let someone else serve you (particularly an Italian mother) you are going to get too much.
If you are aware of your food intake and how hungry you are, you will actually put just the right amount of food on your plate.
Don't Take Seconds.
If you've had enough, save some for later.
In an hour or so if you are still hungry, have some more.
Eat Small Snacks During the Day.
I have a fresh juice or different snacks during the day to keep my energy up, so when it comes to mealtime, I don't pack in a turkey dinner for a family of five.
Eat More Vegetables than Meat.
This is simple plate geometry.
Your plate should have about 2/3 vegetables and no more than 1/3 anything else.
Steak should not be the centerpiece.
This allows me to fill up on vegetables, fibers and a small amount of carbohydrates--not meat.
Eat Your Salad First.
Eat the salad first.
You will fill up quicker and eat smaller portions! 6.
You're not a pig, so don't eat like one!Take some time to breathe between bites.
You'll eat less and feel better.
When you go out to dinner, take a moment to really look at the sizes of the portions.
They are absolutely too big!Split you dinner in two and eat the other half for lunch.
You will drop weight immediately.

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