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Speed Reading - A Proven Method

Speed Reading has been something of an enigma for many years.
 People who can read fast are discounted or thought of as liars.
 People who cannot read fast never want to actually try it for fear that it may not be true.
(My opinions)  For people who are curious about whether or not it works, I can only tell you that there is only one way to find out.
In order to help you decide I will share some of the methods that are proven, that I have used and that other people have used.
Speed reading requires reading each word.
In order to understand what a person is reading one cannot skip words.
 It is said that speed reading is just skimming.
 That is not true.
 In order to comprehend what you read and gain some sort of use from the information that is being read, one has to read every word.
 What if you skipped the word "Can't"? It would bring on a totally different meaning than if you were to read it with the word "Can".
 This is why every word needs to be read and processed.
Process Information Faster.
  The effective method of speed reading is to read the information faster.
 Many people are held back due to the fact that they mouth every word that they read as if saying the words helps to process them more effectively.
 This connection to the mouth while reading has to be broken in order to process the words and thoughts more quickly.
Speed reading is real.
 It can be done.
 It does take work.
 It is very much like a person who can run a 10 minute mile wanting to run a 7 minute mile.
 The answer is yes.
 You can run a 7 minute mile.
 It will take some training and exercise but I would be willing to bet that the majority of people can do it.

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