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Fear Draws Negativity Into Our Circle

Fear in other words is pessimism.
A negative thought that a particular deed is not going to be fruitful creates fear.
All of us have this deep rooted fear with in us which acts as the root cause of failure.
So in order to crown ourselves with 'Success', we need to let go of this fear to the optimum level.
From things simple to complex, we encourage fear to reside in our Hearts which are meant to be filled with peace, happiness and courage.
For instance, we want to go for a motion picture and we fear we might not get tickets.
When we plan to go on a particular train or bus, we fear we might not reach on time.
When we go to School to give a test we fear we might not do well or succeed.
It is the same with regards to job interviews.
So somewhere or the other, fear follows us like shadow at some time in our lives.
Cool shadow is liked but not shadow of fear which haunts us at all times.
We might think as to what misfortune fear brings upon us.
Fear is capable of breaking our fortune too.
When we fear something bad would happen, the feeling which was created due to fear draws that negative energy into our circle and converts our fear into a possibility.
A possibility which we fear should not happen will happen only because of our fear.
What ever we think good or bad, that thought takes form in practicality.
When a person keeps on fearing he might get involvedin an accident, it only means he is drawing that energy into himself and in fact he is the one who is making it happen unknowingly just by his thought.
So, instead of fearing and saying you might fail in an examination, start thinking you will pass for sure in the examination.
Though you have a doubt that you will fail, just by uttering those words with feeling, you will make it happen because thought always takes form.
Thought has unimaginable power.
There are innumerable experiences involved in this one proverb, 'As you think, so you become.
' So instead of thinking negatively, start thinking positively.
There is nothing wrong in saying good which will in fact draw that positive energy into your circle and will make it happen.
Here comes a necessity to stop fearing and start filling that fear with courage.
If you fear any person and you are just unable to avoid that fear despite trying all the methods possible, do not panic.
There is one more method.
Though you have fear for that person or thing, do not express it.
Keep it within yourself.
When there is no expression of fear, no person will dare to knock you down mentally or physically.
Act brave though you have fear at heart.
It will not harm anyone and above all you cannot be harmed by anyone.
No one dares to provoke a courageous person.
If you are scared, even a child will try to scare you.
First stop expressing fear which in fact stops the flow of negative energy at least to a certain extent.
Next slowly start to let go of that fear from your heart.
Every act will be a success to a fearless heart.
Procrastination is the universal language of the poor.
So why delay, start attacking fear right now.
"Fear the fear away; let not fear dare to fear you.
" - Sharmila Sanka
The only goal for any soul is 'Peace.
' I realized that I do not experience the happiness when I am happy alone but only when people around me are happy too.
This feeling of mine gave rise to an article titled - "Why pray for the world?"

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