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Canadian Immigration system to undergo a massive change

Among the multifarious avenues adopted by the countries all around, immigration has emerged as one of the most suitable mediums. Among the nations to hold a much governing position in this realm is Canada. A must in the list of all potential immigrants, their preference has been witnessed exponentially.

 Immigration importance in Canada

Canadian provinces have been the hub of constant inflow of immigrants from all over places. This has demanded the Canadian government to be responsive towards this phenomenon. Besides facilitating the need of improving the condition of the country, gratifying those who cross over with certain set expectancy is the real test.   It is in this regard that a separate committee has been especially working incessantly to ensure the execution of this happening to be one without hiccups.

 Present status of Canadian immigration system

However a sudden accumulation of massive immigration requests have become a grave concern for the councils. The seriousness of this situation is clearly illustrated with the parliament stating the alarming figure of around 460.000 applications lying untouched in the worker category.  With such a startling plight, the immigration minister Jason Kenney briefed all on March 7th enunciating the resolutions to be taken in this context. As per his speech, the Canadian administration is about to bring some constructive changes in the immigration system to decide the unresolved issues.

 The role of provinces

Taking New Zealand as a subject of example, this new line of approach will be implemented during the course of this year, coming as a relief to the prospective immigrants awaiting the approval of their entry. Giving the liberty of picking immigrants on personal parameters, this new rule has been an upshot of dealing with the present state of affairs.  Kenney further added that in contemplation of the existing moment, the provinces will be rewarded of the liberty of incorporating close to 1500 immigrants annually on their selection made from the awaiting lot.

 Changes to be carried out

The extreme anxiety of the Canadian embassy is mirrored in the initiatives to be put into practice by the bureaucrat. Jason Kenney emphasized that the management is prioritizing on coming up with a scheme of things which accelerates the dealing with the entire surfeit. Understanding the concern of the ‘would be' section, he stressed on the commencement of a much more receptive and ‘on the alert' organization.  Recognizing the apprehension faced by a just arrived settler. Kenney assured of a method which certifies a synchronization of the skills of the émigré with the available work opportunities. Rendering the desired openings, alterations will be brought about which promises job offers to the migrants as per their skills.

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