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Drying an Oil Painting

    • 1). Treat the canvas first before painting with glue chalk gesso. Apply the gesso with a brush in thin even strips across the whole canvas and allow at least an hour for it to settle.

    • 2). Paint with linseed-based oil paints, as opposed to saffron or walnut oil based paints.

    • 3). Mix the paints with an alkyd medium, as alkyd mediums help the oil paint dry faster.

    • 4). Paint the layers of oil paint in very thin layers and try to avoid gobbing oil paint onto the canvas, as this takes longer to dry.

    • 5). Store the painting initially in a dry, little-used room with a dehumidifier for the first 72 hours.

    • 6). Apply a thin layer of clear coat to the painting with a brush to help the painting settle and dry.

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