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Rajnigandha Phool Tumhare: Remembering Yogesh

Middle class Family: Yogesh gaur aka Yogesh, a native of Lucknow, set out for Bombay (mumbai) in search of work. Passing away of father forced him to leave studies in middle,  he shifted his base to Bombay .friends, acquaintances and self vision of work-is-worship guided yogesh to ‘Mayanagri'.The untimely death of non-pensioner father led him to search work  though focus was initially not mayanagri, rather work involvement. Having no idea on what to start? What he can deliver best? Yogesh began with story writing, sailed on scripts and dialogues to begin with.

 Mumbai: At Mumbai Yogesh found a nice friend in Satyaprakash, relationship cemented and friend took role of ‘counsel' and ‘adviser'. He motivated Yogesh to look for potential within. Living in chawl, struggle for work and recognition followed. A decision to strike of "Gaur" from original name made struggle challenging, self-actualizating, shinier, healthy and creative for the poet. Childhood habit of writing and memorizing poetry made writing an option to begin with.Lucknow's literary cultural background made yogesh what he finally went for… Poetry, he set out for poetry and sailed as ‘lyricis writer'

Humble beginning:  Yogesh had humble beginning with masoom (1963),  not ready  and scared of becoming ‘lyricist' to match tunes, Yogesh met Robin banerjee ,then working on ‘Masoom'.for a month yogesh visited banerjee's music room to write lyrics on tunes,what he was not expecting.  The challenge emerged Eye opener; poet realized the film trend of writing lyrics on composer's tunes. He however, went ahead for professional requisites of work and began writing ‘melody made tunes' driven lyrics…soon a bright new star was on the bollywood horizon.

Robin banerjee's venture ‘Sakhi robin' a hit film gave yogesh nine more projects with the director. Marvel man, Flying circus and Adventure of Robin Hood are some of noteable Films where Yogesh got chance to work with Robin.

Teaming with Anjaan: for ‘Massom' a Satyen bose film, a launching Pad for yogesh, film didn't gathered much at box office.Similar to yogesh, hopes of lyricist Anjaan on ‘Godaan' emerged mere castles in the ai, both – Masoom and Godaan didn't fared well at the box-office collections for each of these movies was meagre. The coincidence, however brought Yogesh and Anjaan closer together on one platform, Platform to unite, research, create and work together.  For several subsequent film projects they decided to work together.

Salil chaudhry and fruitful association: Yogesh has had a fruitful association with salilda, having no money to buy own gramophone. Yogesh used to visit sabita chaudhry to make her listen and correct his own records, sabita married later salil chaudhry. Sabita's marriage with Salilda turned healthy for Yogesh as it was ‘Sabita' who introduced and recommended ‘Yogesh' to salilda. That time salilda was in process of making a ‘comeback' with with Hrishikesh mukherjee's ‘Anand' as Shailendra was no more, yogesh took off. Favourite of yogesh, salilda initially was reserved, once opened up surely a great person to work with.  He was probably only Bengali composer with surprising Hindi lyric sense, writer-poet-musician salil chaudhary stepped into bollywood, and Bengali literature lost its one of greatest poet post Tagore.

 salilda is known for twisted, convoluted,jalebi compositions,Yogesh sailed with mentor ‘Salilda' even in songs like "nis din nis din"  "Payas liye manwa" or "Rajnigandha phool tumhare" and it was salilda whose metres turned yogesh into a "Poet /kavi".

 It is here to mentioned that Lyricist yogesh has had  one of the most fruitful association with  composer Salil chaudhary,their association began memorably with ‘Anand'and went on to giveAnokhadaan,Uspaar,Minoo,Annadata,Anandmahal,Rajnigandha,Manzilen aur bhi hain. Yogesh enjoyed salilda's patronage and much of his timing with success belongs to salilda's company.

 working with generation of composers: yogesh has had oppurtunity to work with ‘father and son composers' like Sd-Rd Burman and salil-sanjay chaudhry .He won for S D Burman's great presence:Us paar and Mili are living memories of grand association. Post setting melodies for ‘Mili' S.D Burman fell seriusly ill in the middle and now it was turn for junior Burman, RD recorded "maine kaha phoolon se" and "badi suni suni si hai y zindagi" fifth in RD Burman lyricists list, yogesh's associaton with ‘Panchamda' however proved fruitful with 8-10 films together.

Hrishikesh mukherjee: Anand; film about a never say die attitude of soon to die person. Yogesh took off with this film, wrote unforgettable lyrics which are poular even today.Hrishikesh mukherjee saw a japanese movie at a film festival, impressed with with movie mukherjee remade into ‘Anand' but also remade his own ‘remake' with a female protogonist in the centrestage this time (Mili).Hrishida and Yogesh worked together in several films, noteable among them are Sabse bada such, Mili, Rang birangi, kisi se na kahna and Anand.

Excellence mystry: Yogesh reached excellence without any kind of poetic base, instead of being cousin to famous vrijendra gaur, yogesh never took privilege being gaur.He struck off ‘Gaur' from yogesh to settle for struggle alone. ForYogesh Lucknow's cultural upbringing coupled with poetry fond mother, memorizing of poetry and Bombay struggle experience collectively shaped poet's brilliance.

Rajnigandha: Heart waming movie and one of the ‘first' low budget alternate Hindi movies of 1970's.Simple tale about simple characters.As it is said ,a good film is either a ‘complicated tale' about simple characters or ‘simple tale' with complicated characters, Rajnigandha donot fall in either lines.Movie rather  goes for its own style ,tries to tell the ‘real life stories' with actors who looked like real life characters.The masses  were not  actually  have been conditioned or prepared to welcome a movie like ‘Rajnigandha' in such movie in grand way,but it is so nice that connoisseurs of ‘quality' and ‘meaningful' cinema appreciated the movie. Adapted from author Mannu bhandhari's short story "yehi sach hai" Rajnigandha is a faithful reproduction of story.  It is essentially a story about situation and enigma of a ‘metrocity women' who at somepoint of time finds her ex boyfriend in the same city.Lyricist Yogesh has shown the stroke of master writing with "kai baar yun hi dekha hai" the lines summarize  almost ‘whole' story for film: first person account of complex ‘dilemmatic' mind of  metro working women.

Rajnigandha, no surprise won ‘filmfare' award for the ‘Best film' National Award for Mukesh for ‘kai baar'. It is here to be pointed that  Songs in this movie are not sung by ‘actors' rather the songs have been used as subsidiary part of  background Film music, a fresh thing in ‘Hindi cinema' of those days. New faces, no twists and turns in story, no huge sets, no action thrills, still film fetched quite well at the box-office. Audiences welcomed the concept and is remembered and revisited still by many.It touched many- a- chords,Performances by amol palekar and vidya sinha,Yogesh Salil chaudhary and team of veery talented playback singers  made ‘Rajnigandha' one of ‘choicest' natural acts.

"Rajnigandha phool tumhare" the title song of movie with lata mangeshkar, salil chaudhary and Yogesh is one of flowery song.vidya sinha is just passing her time in sanjay absence, with difficulty to concentrate on thesis; she is missing him a lot. Vidya knows that sanjay is out to meet her yet she waits, she waits that sanjay would bring flowers... it is here song begins.

Basu chatterjee:Basu chatterjee called yogesh for ‘Uspaar' and ‘Rajnigandha',till ‘Pratiksha' considered to be as Basu da's last film to date,yogesh wrote for most of his films, choti si baat priyatama,dillagi ,manzil,Baton baton me,Apne paraye and shaukeen to name

Choti si baat: 1970s saw the emergence of snall budget family entertainers, amol palelkar and vidya sinha are two of leading protogonists of these two movies, Rajnigandha and Choti si baat have much in common and are seen as extensions of each other.

"Na jane kyun hota hai y zindagi k sath" yogesh lyrics captures the dilemmatic feelings of working women (Vidya Sinha) in the Metro.She is in two-state of mind and looking whether to welcome ‘change' in life  that has came in way of ‘Love' ?  A man (Amol Palekar) has come into her loner life engulfed with ‘indecision' she has to make a decision now, a choice is mandatory as there is ‘real threat' of loosing out an oppurtunity on ‘change' and ‘love'  in form of  amol palekar. Amol palekar's is clumpsy man adds to indecision, it is indecision on on either side "Na jane kyun" palekar takes a crash course from Ashok kumar on the art of impressing the fair sex, dilemma vis-a-vis shy amol palekar is beautifully expreesed by Yogesh  on behalf of loner vidya sinha playing ‘deepa' in the film.

"Janeman janeman" it is ‘dream sequence' song. Hero Amol Palekar goes to watch a film and onscreen visualizes that he has relaced ‘Dharmendra' and ‘Hema malini' is replaced by vidya sinha.

Baton baton me: a romantic comedy by Basu chaterjee,the film makes audience smile.There is nothing surprising in the movie yet ‘baton baton me'  keeps audience hooked to screen, total of  four songs penned  by Yogesh and Amit khanna make the movie loveable watch. The beauty of ‘Baton baton me' lies in apt lyrics narration, story, characterization and directio.."baton baton me pyar ho jayega"

Anand: anand is class hrishikesh mukherjee film.a memorable account about a soon to die rajesh khanna.anand has blooming character ever hopeful to life.he has charisma never seen before on indian screen.everytim he walks over the audience is sustained, message delivered .its somgs are no less popular justa about every song of movie went o to become a hit

"Zindagi kaisi hai y paheli" and" kahin door jab di dhal jaye" are class exhibition of poetry. "Kahin door jab" breaks the light atmosphere of film and reminds audiences that Film is after all a tragic saga of a soon-to-die patient.

while " paheli" is class manna dey song mukesh is brighter in"kahin door jab" Zindagi kaisi y paheli hai kabhi to y hasaye kabhi y rulaye is one such, a class exhibition of Yogesh poetry. Salil choudhry, yogesh and manna dey collaborated to give a top number.‘Zindagi kaisi y Paheli' is salilda, yogesh and manna dey at their simple, symbolic and philosophical best.

Manzil: rains have always motivated the poets and played an impotrant part in films as they bring out the tender feelings of togetherness

"Rimjhim gire sawaan" by yogesh is all about togetherness, about the experiences, feelings, emotions of spending a day with the person one adores.

memorable songs: Lyrical best yogesh
  • Aaye tum yaad mujhe, gaane lagi har dhadkan
  • Badi sooni sooni hai  zindagi,yeh zindagi
  • Maine kaha phoolon se
  • Zindagi kaisi ye paheli
  • Kahin door jab din dhal jaye
  • Rajnigandha phool tumhare
  • Na jane kyun hota hai ye zindagi ke sath
  • Kai baar yun hi dekha hai,ye jo mann ki seemarekha hai
  • Rimjhim gire saawan sulag sulag jaye mann
  • baton baton me pyar ho jayega
  • Janeman janeman tere ye do nayan
  • Na bole tum ,na maine kuch kaha

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