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What Women Want to Hear

The complicated jungle of a woman's mind seem hard to decode, but it's really not when you understand her.
These tips on what she wants to hear, will give you tips on what to say, and what to say at the right time.
Follow these suggestions and you'll have her swooning and ready for love.
The Power of Inquisition: When you ask her questions about her day and her life, that you normally would not talk about, you are appealing to her emotions.
A simple "How was your day at work?" or "How is (insert friend) doing?" will make her feel that you care.
She may go on for longer that you would like, but be genuine and listen.
Women know when you are not paying attention.
Talk About the Future: When you talk to her in the future tense, she thinks about you in the future tense.
Women like men who they can see themselves with in the future.
Women like stability and want to be with someone that wants a future with them too.
Say things like "Wouldn't it be nice if we could go to (insert place) this winter?" or "I want to meet your family" will do the trick.
Reaffirming the Relationship: Nothing makes a woman happier then hearing men tell them how they feel about them.
When you are constantly making them feel they are the only one, she will be much more open to you.
Saying things like "I love you," "My life makes sense with you in it," and "I don't want to be with anyone else" will thrill her and make her want to please you even more.
The best advice is to treat her like you want her to treat you.
Respect and being nice will go much farther than how you look naked.
What women want to hear is simple when you know the basics, isn't it?

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