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Search Engine Secrets - How to Easily Get Great Backlinks

Everyone knows that back links are the hardest thing to get when you are trying to get your site ranked in the search engines.
That is why I want to show you right now how to easily get a ton of links to your site that are relevant to your market so you rank higher.
Secret #1: You need to first realize that getting links is not a volume game anymore.
In the old days when people started to realize they needed links to get high rankings, it was a game of who could get the most links.
People would buy bundles of links from sites and get 10,000 at a time.
Then Google would see this and rank them high.
The problem is that this does not work anymore because Google has figured out the game.
Now, they want to make sure you have the best quality links! So if you have a lot of links from sites who are ranked higher then you in your market - your going to rank higher.
It is all about who you are associated with.
Secret #2: Make sure you take the time and get the best links.
You need to realize that one good link from a site that is ranked higher then you is worth 10 times the amount in ranking power then a link that is not related to you.
So, go to these sites and offer to buy an ad from them so you can get a great link and start the process of ranking really high! Eventually it will snowball and you will get massive amounts of traffic!

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