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Coming to Terms With the Reason Why You Started to Work Out in The First Place

Many of us have started to work out after realizing we weren't happy with the current state our bodies are in.
So if were so depressed because were overweight, why do we continue to eat? Why do we put ourselves through even more pain and agony, when the problem stems from putting food in our mouth? Well, it's a double edged sword, we tend to feel comfortable and in control when we're stuffing our faces.
The only problem is that when we do this, we tend to add excess pounds leaving us feeling like complete junk in the long run.
Most of us eventually get fed up to the point that we start wanting to work out.
So when we do, we all do it for various reasons.
Now most of us who do this either do one of 2 things, we either go for it and change for the better, or we fail miserably and just flat out give up.
So why is it that some people succeed and others don't? In my experience it comes down to one main reason, and that's your reason for starting in the first place.
Many people want to lose a few extra pounds because they're trying to impress someone else, or they want to get back at someone.
The problem with this scenario is that it never lasts long enough to make a great impact on the person doing it.
Everything is done for external reason, never are the reasons solidified for personal gain.
The infatuation or revenge factors goes away after a while, and guess what happens to the motivation that it brought with it? Yup, you guessed it; the motivation goes right out the window along with the old feelings of resentment or excitement.
How to get motivated and stay motivated Whenever we decide to start off on the fitness path, we need to come up with a real solidified reason as to why we're going on this journey.
The path must have an end in mind; the end doesn't have to be an official end, but more of a goal post we are trying to reach for.
This is why most external reasons fail as solid reasons to start with in the first place.
We have to do it for an internal reason, not something that we will get bored with within a few weeks.
Make your goal one that will better yourself in multiple ways.
This was how I started on my personal journey to a better me, inside and out.
I utilized fitness as the catalyst for a complete change in my life.
I knew that if I used something that I could see results in, I could implement it for good, and not have to worry about starting and stopping.
I had my foundation, my rock for the change I wanted to bring forth in my life.
I did the starting and stopping over and over, I would hit high points and keep at it, then low points After I solidified my reason for change, being consistent has been a piece of cake.
I started my journey 2 years ago and have lost almost 70 pounds, and have gained a ton of muscle mass and confidence.
So before you begin, or are on the verge of quitting and need a reason to keep going.
Sit back and think about some reasons you want to change yourself.
Make these reasons personal and not about anyone else around you.
Do it because you want to real change in your life you can utilize for the rest of your days on this earth.
Do it because you want to feel good, not because you want to make someone else feel good.
This along with a solid goals, a good mentor, and a solid plan, you will gradually begin to change for the better.

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