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The Dell Venue Pro - Dell"s Windows Phone 7 Handset

There have been a number of handsets that run on the Windows Phone 7 operating system.
Examples of these handsets are the HTC 7 Pro, the Samsung Omnia 7, and the LG Optimus 7.
Now, Dell has created its own Windows smartphone with the Dell Venue Pro.
Just like other handsets that run on the innovative operating system, you will get to use live tiles on the start screen.
These tiles can be customized to your personal preference.
One tile can give you access to your multimedia.
Another tile can give you access to music and the music player.
You can assign a tile to direct you straight to your games.
Another can direct you to the phone's browser.
They can also direct you to your favorite social network.
There are so many options you can take.
The Venue comes with a feature not seen in most Windows handsets.
This is a slide out full QWERTY keyboard.
This will allow you respond to emails in less than half the time.
This will allow you to enjoy more from instant messaging services.
SMS will be much easier with this keyboard.
You can also type much faster and easier when you make use of the built-in Microsoft Office Mobile application to edit and compose documents.
This will allow you to work from beyond the confines of your own office.
When it comes to web browsing, watching videos, viewing images, reading text, and playing mobile games, the Dell Venue Pro comes with a display that is nothing but spectacular.
It comes with a 4.
1 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen.
It has a resolution of 480x 800 pixels and can display as much as 16 million colors.
This touch screen is not just about optimal viewing.
It is also about toughness.
The glass on its display is engineered Gorilla Glass.
This glass can take a lot of abuse.
It can take a lot of pressure and is extremely scratch resistant.
It is so tough that it is the same glass used by helicopters and bullet trains.
With the Dell Venue Pro, you not only get a cutting edge handset; you get the best out of Dell technology.

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