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What Documents Are Necessary for Immigration to Canada?


    • Check your eligibility to apply for a permanent visa under each category. Each category has a different set of forms you must fill out. If you qualify for any one category, look up the corresponding forms on the CIC website. Complete, sign and date all the applicable forms. Keep a copy of each form for your records.

    Supporting Documents

    • Each immigrant category requires a different set of supporting documents. For example, if you are applying as a spouse of a Canadian, you need documents that verify your relationship, such as a marriage certificate. If you are applying as a skilled worker, you need documents that prove your qualifications, such as academic transcripts and professional accreditation certificates.

    Identity and Civil Status Documents

    • You and your spouse or common-law partner must provide birth certificates, as well as certificates that indicate past and present marital status, such as marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and the death certificate of a former spouse or common-law partner. If you have children, gather their birth certificates and documents that prove you have custody.


    • You must hold a passport and mail a copy of the bio-data page to CIC. When CIC is ready to issue your visa, it will request your original passport and apply a visa label to it.

    Police Clearance

    • You must obtain police certificates or clearances from countries in which you have lived for six months or more since the age of 18.

    Medical Certificates

    • You will need a medical certificate after getting a physical exam from a CIC-approved doctor. The exam can take place before you mail out your application or after receiving an official request from CIC, depending on the visa category.


    • CIC has detailed guidelines on the number and the measurements of photographs you need to provide.

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