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Canada Business and Investment Opportunities for Indians

If you are contemplating plans to relocate your business and resources out of India to another destination then one North American destination must always be your top option. Canadian economy is a bustling free market set-up that has been on the higher swing consistently since middle of 20th century and has always stood among the leading developed nations as far as presenting ample opening for business is concerned. You definitely need to explore Canada Business and Investment Opportunities for Indians.

There are several advantages attached to this western hemisphere country as it exceeds other developed countries in economic performance by a handsome margin. The policies of Canadian government are reliable and guarantee a stable pro business policy. This country possesses vast and heterogeneous resources and is supported by most stable banking and taxation policy.

Some of the salient features of this economy include

• It has led G7 nations in GDP growth and was the first of G7 members to bounce back from crisis and it has lowest net debt to GDP ratio among these elite nations

• It ranks at 10th number among world's most robust economies

• Its financial system and stability has been enviable and it has weathered global credit crunch of 2008 quite successfully with all of Canada's banking institution staying healthy

• It has a rich natural resource reserves i.e.

• 2nd biggest confirmed natural oil reserves

• Tremendous opportunities in metal and gas extraction

• It borders world's largest consumer economy i.e. United States of America and has always maintained stable relationships with this country

Canadian government has free trade endorsements with 8 countries and is in process of finalizing understandings with more countries in coming years that include countries like India, EU and Japan.

Canada Business And Investment Opportunities can be augmented only by following path of innovating current technologies and inventing new ones and furthering their application into commercial usage. Due to its inherent policy of safeguarding interest of business community government has always encouraged innovation and has also facilitated in creating a network of innovative research and development institutions which are carrying on R&D activities in various field to establish and invent new technologies. This policy has created an efficient and effective partnership between R&D institutions and private players in corporate world.

In its pursuit of leadership through innovation Canada has traveled many miles ahead of its nearest rivals and today it houses some of the largest corporates of the globe who are profitably foraying into diverse fields i.e.

• Aerospace

• Automotive

• Bio - Pharma and products

• Business Services

• Chemicals

• Digital Media

• Financial Services

• Functional Foods

• Machinery and Equipment

• Medical Devices

• Renewable Energy

• Software

With so many goodies on offer it is really hard to ignore Canada Business and Investment Opportunities for Indians. Along with these benefits government is also well adapted to invite people with intent of boosting country's economy with funds and business expertise.

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