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Windsurfing Basics

Windsurfing is a popular summer sport that a lot of people get into every year.
It is a great way to get out onto the water and have a good time.
You can enjoy getting up some speed and shooting over the top of the water, but you don't have to invest in a boat.
It is a sport that you can enjoy by yourself, or in a group.
Some people will pick up windsurfing better than others, but it really isn't a difficult sport to get the hang of.
The best way to get started in it is to find somewhere that you can take some lessons.
There is no substitute for the opportunity to watch an expert do it the right way.
Also, if there is someone who can point out exactly what you're doing wrong, you will stop making those mistakes sooner.
Everyone wants to know what they're doing as quickly as possible so they can enjoy the water! If you are a beginner to the sport of windsurfing, you should probably rent your equipment.
If you can borrow a friend's equipment for a weekend, this would work too.
The point is to be sure that you will actually use any equipment you buy.
There is no point in spending a bunch of money to buy your own equipment only to discover that you don't like the sport as well as you thought you were going to.
There is specialized gear involved in windsurfing, and the most obvious piece is the windsurfing board.
A flat board is probably the best choice for beginners, because it is designed to be very stable.
You can move on to a course board once you have a good grasp on what you're doing.
These are made for speed, so they should only be used if you know what you're doing.
There are fins on the board that you can replace if something happens to them.
Some people think they need to be replaced right away, but this is not necessary.
Generally if you buy a beginners board, the fins that come on it will also be made for beginners, and you should leave it the way it is.
Of course, the board needs a sail, or it won't do you a whole lot of good.
There are different materials used for sails, and there are varying degrees of quality that come with them.
Monofilm is probably the best choice.
It is clear, so it provides excellent visibility, and it holds its shape better than other common sail materials.
You also need to check how soft a sail is.
The softer it is, the easier it will be to use.
For beginners, Mylar or Dacron would probably be the best choices.
For advanced windsurfers and those in competitions, there are fairly rigid sails that are made for ultimate speed and control.
The biggest rule when it comes to sails is to never buy a used one.
They can be stretched out of shape or have damage to them that may not be noticeable upon cursory inspection.
You don't want to buy a used sail and be placed in a hazardous situation because of it.
While many beginners don't think about it, you will want to look into harnesses.
Having a harness helps to keep you from getting separated from your board.
You will fall off your board occasionally, even once you are an experienced windsurfer, and getting separated from your board can be a very bad thing.
Firstly, if you get separated from your board, there is a chance it will hit someone or something, damaging it and potentially other people.
Secondly, it leaves you in the water and reduces your visibility, leaving you more vulnerable to being hit by someone else.
This is why all smart windsurfers wear a harness.
Windsurfing is a great sport to get into if you love the water.
You can enjoy the water and sun, and windsurfing equipment is also fairly easy to transport on top of a vehicle, so it doesn't matter if you don't live right next to a lake.
Gathering lots of information and talking to people who are experienced in the sport is the best way to start.

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