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Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights in India

Intellectual property (IP) is any creative work or invention considered to be the property of its creator. Often, intellectual property rights (IPR) are recognised and protected under the corresponding fields of law. Under intellectual property law, owners are granted certain exclusive rights, such as the ability to publish to various markets, license the manufacture and distribution of inventions, and sue in case of unlawful or deceptive copying.

IPR Services in India

IP encompasses diverse streams of knowledge ranging from traditional medicines and practices to pharmaceuticals and creative rights to engineering, science and technology. A patent agent, a litigator or a technical advisor should necessarily have an IP-focussed approach in understanding and executing his responsibilities.

The importance of intellectual property in India is well established at all levels- statutory, administrative and judicial. India ratified the agreement establishing the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

The IP firm in India provide full range of IP services to domestic as well as international businesses. These firms have an excellent team of experienced legal professional from all across the country.

Following are the IP Rights services provided by law firm in India:

Drafting: Creativity and research flourish in a free environment. However, protecting the rights of the creator entails an intricate framework of laws and procedures. Preparing a patent specification detailing its technical background, novelty, potential for industrial use, for instance, can be best executed by registered patent agents and people with expertise in the field.

Filing and Prosecution: The law firm in India undertake filing, prosecution and opposition effectively handling issues like patent pre-grant and post-grant proceedings, pre and post-registration formalities for Plant Variety Protection (PVP), design searches for trademarks or search and analyses in respect of geographical indication.

Licensing: The IP Licensing and Transactions service helps clients to expand and monetise their IP portfolios, acquisitions, transfer, licensing and joint development of IP.

Valuation: Valuation of IP is a very important aspect as it forms the basis for unlocking the intellectual property created in a company. IP valuation has many facets, the most important one being the monetising capability of the portfolio.

Consulting: IP generated in a company is protected in order to provide both short term and long term business advantage. It is therefore necessary that companies determine their business goals and align their IP strategy to be able to achieve these goals.

Global IP Convention

"Global IP Convention" is being organised in Bengaluru, India from January 23-30, 2013. The eight day conference will witness delivery of lecture on a wide range of topics by Intellectual Property experts, administrators, attorneys, scientists, technologists and other stakeholders.

Monetising IP, commercialising IP, IP valuation, supplementary protection certificates, biotech and pharma invention protection, patenting anti-bodies, protection of traditional knowledge, global IP strategy and collaboration, and protection of pharmaceutical trademarks in India are some of the topics to be discussed in the conference.

Mr V Lakshmikumaran, Managing Partner, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan (L&S) will address the delegates on January 25, 2013. On the same day, Dr Malathi Lakshmikumaran, Director, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan will deliver lecture on a topic related to lifesciences.

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