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The BlackBerry Torch With The BlackBerry 6 OS

There have been many innovative mobile operating systems, but there is none as innovative as the BlackBerry Torch and its mobile operating system the BlackBerry 6 OS.
With both cutting edge hardware and software, your mobile experience is sure to be nothing but perfect.
Nothing But Fluid and Visual Interface Once you turn the phone on, you immediately notice graphic menus that welcome you.
When it comes to navigation, it is highly intuitive.
This simply means that navigation will be a breeze.
It is designed to give you more fluid navigation and an experience that will definitely stimulate all of your senses.
Social Feed Integration When it comes to feeds, we all enjoy viewing RSS and social feeds.
However, we often find it a hassle moving from place to place.
With this cutting edge mobile phone, you get to view both in one convenient place.
You can type in an update and send it to a single, selected, or all networks.
When feeds come to mind, this phone makes it more convenient for you.
Web Browsing That Is Faster And Richer When mobile browsing comes to mind, it often frustrates us to browse the internet on a mobile phone.
They can sometimes be sluggish, and pages do not seem to load.
This will not be the case with the BlackBerry Torch.
Once you type in a web address or tap on a shortcut, the pages load instantly.
Furthermore, you can make use of tabs to open multiple websites.
You can simply browse through an assortment of websites simultaneously.
Go Multimedia Crazy The phone will make you go multimedia crazy.
You can make use of many innovative and updated tools to enhance your multimedia experience.
These tools include the pinch to zoom feature, enhanced video, photo modes and so much more.
The BlackBerry Torch will make you enjoy more from your multimedia like never before.
BlackBerry Messenger If you are into instant messaging, this complete phone will make you enjoy an innovative instant messaging service.
This is the BlackBerry Messenger.
With this messenger, you can chat with colleagues and increase your work productivity.
Who says Blackberries are mainly used for work? You can also have fun and chat with friends.
Universal Search With this all in one phone, you get to enjoy a variety of search options.
You can search for files on the phone.
Apps can also be searched.
You can look for important emails.
You can search for things over the internet and many more.
Pre-installed Apps There are pre-installed apps on this phone that you are sure to enjoy.
These are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, BBM, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, App World 2.
0, AIM, and YouTube.
Email Threading You also get to enjoy email threading.
You can group or sort emails.
This will keep you on top of your mail.
This is the BlackBerry Torch with the BlackBerry 6 OS.

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