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Mbp - How Southeastern Delivery Is Getting Ready For Expansion

The company Mbp is an MLM company that is profiting in the relatively new realm of "Online" grocery delivery and is associated with Southeastern Delivery in Pensacola Florida.
Mbp is actually the direct marketing affiliate that supports Southeastern delivery in marketing its offering of groceries, and not the delivery service itself.
Southeastern Delivery chose Mbp to assist in the potential expansion of groceries from a 1 billion dollar industry to an 85 billion dollar industry over the next 10 years.
With this unprecedented growth there is unlimited potential for affiliates to become spokespeople for the organization.
The product The product that Mpb pedals is the online delivery of groceries and then the affiliate side of the marketing.
This is an interesting idea as the online grocery market is finding a certain level of acceptance with the millennial crowd, who is not achieving financial success and seeing their online influence expanding.
With very few competitors in the market this has poised Mbp to offer a unique service for this booming market.
As a company Mbp shares the common traits to increase the common good and the individual earning power of everyone.
Doing Business with Mbp As an associate marketer with Mbp there are a few different ways that you can move into the position of achieving financial success.
First of all you can sign up for free and then refer a customer, this of course gives you an opportunity to avoid the "self buy in" (described later) however that does not allow you to sponsor the "affiliates" and as a result the referrals are a bit smaller.
This is however a relevantly convenient option if the 80% retention rate for customers is actually as powerful as the website mentions.
The second option for the aspiring marketer is the "self buy in" option which requires a $200 dollar grocery purchase from Mbp which represents either a direct sale by you, or an order that you have placed for yourself.
The fundamental assumption is based around a 3 tiered structure that is referred to as "your team of 6", which generates around $1200.
00 worth of grocery sales.
This is followed by another cycle bonus depending on how you perform, and if your network moves forward the cycle bonus can move into the 100's of dollars.
The catch though is the Mbp offers some its bonuses in the form of Wal-Mart gift cards in addition to cash.

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