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How to Create a Photo Gallery in Flash

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      Open a new Flash document. Set the size of the window so that it will fit the viewed image and the thumbnails. To do so, click on "Size" in the "Properties" window. Enter the new width and height.

    • 2

      Create two layers. The top layer is where the image will be displayed. The bottom layer is where the thumbnails will be located.

    • 3). Create a frame for each image. Click on the thumbnails layer. Click on the number that represents the number of images in your gallery. Right click and select "Insert>Frame."

    • 4

      Set your background color or image. If you want a black background, select the black color from the "Background" drop-down menu in the document's "Properties" window. If you want an image as a background, create a new background layer. Select "File>Import to Stage..." and select the image.

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      Open the images that you want to include in the photo gallery in Photoshop or a similar photo editing program. Resize the image to fit inside the photo gallery. Then, create a copy of the image and resize it to the size of the thumbnails. In Flash, select "File>Import to Library." Select the images and thumbnails for the gallery.

    • 6). Select the first frame in the thumbnail layer. Drag the first thumbnail onto the flash window and place it in its proper location. Select "Modify>Convert to Symbol." Name the symbol "b1" and select "Button" as the "Type." In the "Properties" window, enter "b1" in the "Instance Name" box. Repeat this step to set up the remaining thumbnails. Name the buttons in a sequential order (e.g. b1, b2, b3. . .)

    • 7

      Select the first frame in the image layer. Make sure that the first frame is a blank keyframe; an open circle should be in the first frame. Drag the first image onto the Flash window and position it in its proper location. Right click on the second keyframe and select "Insert Blank Keyframe." Add the second image. Repeat this step to place the remaining images in the gallery.

    • 8

      Select the first keyframe in the image layer. Select "Windows>Actions" to show the action window. Enter the following code:


      Repeat this code in the same frame for each thumbnail button as shown in the image.

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