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When its winter Im unwilling to go out. I just want to stay at home for the whole winter. However, sometimes I have to go out for some necessities, such as buying food. It happens that from time to time you have to go out for something, while outside its having heavy snow. As a matter of fact, I like snowing. While when it comes to the situation that I have to go out, I hate it very much. Thats why I fall in love with shopping online, including shopping eyeglasses.
I came to know there were even online eyeglass store was last October. It sounds that I am a little lag behind the fashion, because online eyeglass stores have existed for a long time. However, I only knew them last year. But in another point of view this might be a good thing. Since there were already many online eyeglass stores with years history, I was able to know which one was much more worthy my trust.
At first I went to several online eyeglass stores, such as Glassesshop. I like buying eyeglasses online, not only because of the low price but also the good quality. I could spend less money if I bought a pair of eyeglasses online, while I had to spend much more money if not. According to my careful comparison, I believed the quality of eyeglasses I bought from online eyeglass stores and that in mortar-and-bricks eyeglass stores was the same. If I say there is one thing different, which would be the price. Of cause, the eyeglasses I bought online were cheaper than in mortar-and-bricks eyeglass stores.
Comparing the eyeglasses I bought online, Im sure the eyeglasses in Glassesshop are much better than the eyeglasses in other online stores. On the whole the price of eyeglasses is the same; however, after my careful consideration Im certain that the price of eyeglasses in Glassesshop is cheaper than other online stores. Besides, there are much more designs for eyeglasses in Glassesshop than other stores. The time span for her to update new eyeglasses is shorter than other stores. Therefore, whenever I go to her website, Im able to find many new arrival eyeglasses. Moreover, the quality of her eyeglasses is better. Her lenses are more durable and wearable, the ability to protect eyes is higher than the lenses in other stores. Her frames are much better to little black dress keep the original shape for a long time. I really believe Glassesshop.   
To sum up, its difficult to find an online store which I can trust, however, once I know one I will frequently go to those stores to seek for things I need. Just like Glassesshop, it is an online eyeglass store which deserves my faith. I will regard her as my precious and keep her in my favorite. Whenever I need eyeglasses, I will buy them from her. 

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