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Koi Multiplication: Having More Koi

There is nothing quite like keeping a set of beautifully colored fish in your home in an aquarium or a pond in your backyard.
If you're passionate about being a fish hobbyist, you can even breed your koi.
As you may know, koi is perhaps the most popular species of fish to keep as pets.
Not only do they provide you with a way to bond with animals, they're also great decorative additions to your home and your yard.
Also, they symbolize positive things like wealth, prosperity and success.
Contrary to popular thinking, koi breeding is actually very easy.
To begin, you need to assess how serious you are about your fish keeping hobby.
If you really want to do this, you can now set on a quest to get the best young koi.
You have to provide your koi with a good breeding setup if you're to succeed in breeding koi, although your koi pond will do if you don't have the means to construct a breeding pond from scratch.
With selecting the best koi, you're just reducing the risks such as bad koi genes and that sort of thing.
The male koi has to be at least two years old and your female koi, three years old.
The best fish will pave the way for breeding koi successfully.
They'll not only produce the best offspring for you but also produce the most offspring.
Your goal in koi breeding can be reached using a pair of your best fish.
The most eggs a female koi produced can be in the thousands so you're in a win-win situation with producing fry.
Another point to consider is the shape and color of your koi.
The more alike the parents are, the better chances of you replicating the features with the offspring.
Come spring, your koi will start priming for spawning.
You might have to line up two to three male koi for one female koi.
You'll know it will be time for breeding koi when the males look like they have pimples growing on their pectoral fins and the females will start looking fatter than their male counterparts.
Separate the males from the females by putting a divider in between the males and females in your pond.
Feed your fish only quality koi food to bring them to the top of their potential level of physical fitness for breeding.
The pond or holding tank will need to be equipped with a heater as heat induces the spawning process.
Also include plants such as Spanish moss where the female koi can disperse her eggs.
You then introduce the koi into the water and koi breeding will be underway.
You'll see the fish chasing each other around in the pond and soon the female will shed her eggs on the moss.
The male koi will start fertilizing them.
Remember to take out the parent fish from the breeding pond when they've finished spawning, as they will eat the eggs.
Within a few days, the fish eggs will hatch into fry.

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