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Classic Car Restoration - Part 2 - Questions That Need Answers

To what level do you want to take the restoration?Did you purchase a nice driver or did you pull your 1955 Chevrolet, 1956 Chevrolet or 1957 Chevrolet out of junk yard.
How nice do you want your finished classic to look? If you have a nice driver with decent paint and interior you may just want to clean and detail the engine compartment and do a safety check on the brakes, brake lines, fuel lines and pull the gas tank and clean it out.
Plus fix any engine or transmission oil leaks.
However, if you are going to do a complete restoration, at some point in time the body needs to come off the frame.
Every nut and bolt needs to be removed.
After 50 years rubber body mounts need replacing, floor pans rust, ball joints and A-arm bushings squeak, rear springs rattle etc.
Pulling the body off the frame makes all these jobs much easier.
How long do you want the restoration to take?Like many other things in life, most restorations will take longer than expected.
Classic car restorations are weekend projects but your grass still needs to be cut and leaking faucets will need fixing.
So allow plenty of time on any restoration and don't get into a hurry.
Planning to do the work over the winter is a good idea.
But don't be disappointed if you are still working on your project the following winter.
How much money are you willing to spend on your project?You should realize that the difference between restoring a driver and a junk yard gem could be 1000s of dollars.
What ever budget is set, keep in mind that you will spend more.
Classic Chevy parts are not cheap but they are available for just about anything you need.
Where will you put the various parts taken off your classic?Do you have an adequate amount of space in your shop or two car garage?Where will the body be placed while you are restoring the frame and drive train? Perhaps your dream car has never been built and you don't own a classic yet, but you will.
Hopefully the above questions can be answered before you start and there answers can go a long way in making your car restoration hobby more enjoyable.

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