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How to Apply for a Medical Assistant Program

    • 1). Complete prerequisite courses. Speak with an academic adviser or instructor in the medical assistant program to learn what courses a student must take before they apply for admission. Most programs require at least human anatomy and physiology as a prerequisites.

    • 2). Fill out an application. Obtain the admission application for the medical assistant program, and fill it out. Write legibly or consider typing it if you have poor handwriting. Check that each section of the application is complete, since partial or incomplete applications may be automatically rejected.

    • 3). Submit additional documents. Learn what additional items must be submitted with your application for you to be considered for a spot in the medical assistant program. Obtain copies of your transcripts to prove you’ve had the prerequisite courses and meet any minimum grade point average requirements for the program. Write an essay, if required, detailing your interest in becoming a medical assistant, and why you’re the right student to be admitted to the program.

    • 4). Complete an interview. Arrive early the day of the interview dressed professionally. Explain your interest in the particular program, and why you feel you’re the right student to represent the school and the program. Be honest and accurate when answering questions.

    • 5). Pass a medical exam. See your personal physician or a school-approved physician to have a medical exam if required. The medical exam ensures that you are healthy enough to take on the tasks associated with the medical assistant job and that you have no diseases that could be passed on to patients in health care facilities where you’ll have your clinical experience. Forward the results of your physical exam to the admissions committee for final acceptance into the medical assistant program.

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