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Herbal Remedies for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a slow growing tumor disease of the prostate gland that is common in the United States. It is evident in American men. At the age of fifty and above, a man is said to be at risk of acquiring the tumor disease that increases after each decade in his lifetime.

There are no clear evidences for acquiring prostate cancer but it is usually caused by a number of factors which includes an advancing age particularly fifty years and above, unhealthy life style practices e.g. sedentary lifestyle and smoking and other contributing factors such as frequent exposure to radiation. Prostate cancer is also linked by eating foods rich in animal fats and dairy products. Having a history of sexually transmitted diseases may also be a causative factor.

Ideally, prostate cancer can be managed with medications such as brachytherapy (chemotherapy) or radiation therapy sessions. It can also be intervened with surgeries (prostatectomy, green laser treatments). The disadvantage of conventional treatments is that they are detrimental and invasive. It is usually accompanied by a number of side effects that are quite unpleasant. Unfortunately, medical treatments lengthen the life expectancy period of a prostate cancer patient by a few numbers of months or years.  Some men become very ill due to its ill effects to the body therefore making them very weak and susceptible to many other disease and complications. The sad thing about conventional medical treatments of prostate cancer is that it decreases the quality life of most men who undergo with the procedures and the cancer tends to grow back after a number of years.

The best treatment for prostate cancer is to attack and destroy and eradicate it the natural way. Many do not know the main cause of prostate cancer. The truth is, it is actually caused and acquired through a number of years with an unhealthy lifestyle, diet and health practices. The best way to eradicate it is by eating the right kind of foods that our body needs and maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as having an exercise of walking or mild running for 30 minutes in a day for three times a week.

We are lucky enough that at present there is easy access to herbal remedies. Slowly herbal supplements have become popular to the people and many have begun to appreciate its health benefits. Every day, our body needs a certain amount of vitamins, nutrients and minerals and due to our present lifestyle and workloads, it is hard for us to buy and eat the daily needed vitamins. There is a supplement for the prostate that I would like to recommend that is manufactured in Seattle. Its name is Total health and it is the only prostate supplement that has a quality assurance certificate. Please be careful in buying supplements, we might not know where it is manufactured and more importantly what supplements it makes use as its ingredients. It is better to invest on something that you are quite sure rather than you know not. Total Health is a supplement that has been able to help men with prostate problems. Please log on to for more information of total health supplement.

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