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Tips For Coping With Your Panic Attacks

I met a fellow in business whose greatest skill was telephone communication, and that's nothing to sneeze at.
But in his case, he was much more impressive when you weren't in his physical presence.
Filled with nervous twitches, he took break after break in the desert heat to light up his cigarettes.
No question, he was hooked, and I don't think he was happy about it.
Pulling associates outdoors into the blazing sun and gritty dust just to talk while he was puffing away was a lot to ask.
The guy's killing himself, that's what I thought.
Now, the only question is whether I want to be under his influence so he can try to take me with him, I recall wondering.
Overall, I didn't see this fellow as a positive person, though he was in sales and he needed to foster a certain amount of enthusiasm to do his job.
But when you wake up each day with a hacking cough, and you can't chase your kids around a park because you're wheezing, how upbeat can you actually be? The same question applies to any form of bodily abuse.
For example, I used to commute during the week from LA to Ohio and to Florida, and return on the weekends.
After doing this for about 20 months, my body didn't know what time zone it was in! I was overweight, under-exercised, and stressed out.
How could I stay positive when my body was sleep deprived and suffering so? Check out your physical well being, and if you haven't been exercising, start modestly.
After one week, ask yourself, am I feeling better, more positive? Make wellness a top priority, and it will give your attitude a permanent boost!

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