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Flower Gardens in Eastern North Carolina

    • Floral gardens flourish in eastern North Carolina.Flower garden image by MAXFX from

      Gardens represent one method to educate the public about flowers and plants native to an area. A variety of gardens types exist, including arboretums, college and university research gardens, and display gardens that are open to the public. Additionally botanical gardens offer opportunities to view floral collections, as do conservatories and historical gardens. Eastern North Carolina enjoys a climate and environment conducive to lovely floral gardens, and the gardens are abundant.

    North Carolina Botanical Garden

    • North Carolina Botanical Garden at UNC features a number of unusual specimens.pitcher plant image by Doug Stacey from

      Located at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the North Carolina Botanical Garden features several display gardens. Visitors enjoy strolling through the Native Water Garden filled with aquatic plants native to the Southeast and North Carolina. A more unusual flowering garden includes carnivorous plants found throughout the Southeast, such as pitcher plants and Venus flytraps. UNC features several other display gardens throughout the facility that include a range of native and wild plants and flowers.

      North Carolina Botanical Garden

      100 Old Mason Farm Rd.

      Chapel Hill, NC 27514


    Gene Strowd Community Rose Garden

    Fearrington Village

    Sarah P. Duke Gardens

    • Irises were among the original flowers in the Sarah B. Duke Gardens.iris image by Henryk Olszewski from

      The Sarah P. Duke Gardens offer several different garden experiences for visitors. These public gardens, located at Duke University, contain five miles of walkways through rose gardens, native plants, a waterlilies garden and an Asian arboretum. Ellen Shipman, a pre-eminent American landscape designer, designed the gardens. Originally funded by Sarah P. Duke--widow of a founding member of Duke University--the gardens were rebuilt in the 1930s as a memorial to Mrs. Duke.

      Sarah P. Duke Gardens

      426 Anderson St.

      Duke University

      Durham, NC 27708-0341


    Cape Fear Botanical Garden

    • Camellias and daylilies feature prominently among the flowering displays.Cam??lia image by Dominique LUZY from

      The Cape Fear Botanical Garden features more than 2,000 floral and ornamental displays and several specialty gardens, including camellias, daylilies, and hosta gardens. The property, situated on 79 acres of forestlands, offers a variety of walking trails throughout the facility. Along with the garden displays and tours, Cape Fear Botanical Garden offers educational programming, workshops for children and adults, and a variety of special events.

      Cape Fear Botanical Garden

      536 N. Eastern Blvd.

      Fayetteville, NC 28301


    Wilson Rose Garden

    • Old garden and modern roses bloom profusely at the Wilson Rose Garden.Rosas image by dinisponteira from

      The Wilson Rose Garden includes more than 1,100 plants and 165 varieties of roses. Among the varieties, visitors find old garden roses, modern hybrids, and modern English roses. The Wilson Rose Garden is a public garden located in the city of Wilson. The city parks and recreation department maintains it. It is an accredited All-American rose garden, recognized by the American Rose Society.

      Wilson Rose Garden

      1800 Herrington Ave.

      Wilson, NC 27894


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