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Small Breasts Vs Big Breasts 2

Some guys their women tall, some like them short.
Some like them fat and some like them thin.
Some guys like them tan and some like them pale white.
Some like them with curly hair and some long and dark.
Everybody likes something different.
There's something out there that appeals to everyone.
Today we're talking about the size of breast, large or small which are the best.
Examples of plump women with big breast are Kim Coles, Oprah, and don't forget Kirstie Alley.
These women are sexy and beautiful.
Everyone loves big breasts whether they are fat and wide or thick and hanging.
There's nothing sexier than these big bombs hanging under a woman's wings.
Big breasts stretching a shirt out with the buttons hanging on for life as the shirt between then pulls open is a definite attention getter.
Also they have their way of getting looks when they're oozing out the sides and squeezing out the top of that shirt.
Big breasts look good in any kind of shirt.
In a tight shirt they look awesome and in a baggy shirt they look sexy because you can still see them protruding out.
You can see them holding the shirt up.
You just can't hide them either unless you wear a barrel with two straps.
Big breast or any breast for that matter looks good when they stick out farther than the stomach.
This creates an incredible overhang.
They look good on a plump woman with a round butt as well as making a petite woman that much curvier.
Just as a man with big muscles stands out so does a woman with big boobs.
Why?, because its different from what you normally see day to day.
In other words big breast will catch a man's eye even on the ugliest woman out there.
You can't miss them because they are out there and they are made to attract.
The size, softness and the way they move and jiggle will always draw an eye.
But on the other hand there are the women that have smaller breasts that are just down right sexy.
And even though they are smaller the way they wear them magnifies them and makes them stand out like a diamond in coal mine.
Examples of sexy women with small breast are Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Rodriquez and Jennifer Lopez.
They show that women with small breasts are just a beautiful and eye catching as the big voluptuous one.
Smaller breast looks good in tight T-shirts and tank tops.
This does accent their shape as does push up bra.
It's to a lesser degree but smaller breast do have that same jump and jiggle as their larger counterparts and this does generate excitement in the modern male.
Smaller breasts also have that classy professional look such as in a librarian or a corporate executive.
They fit their clothes well and can be contained easily and they don't beat their owner to death when she is jogging or exercising and there is less worry of them popping out of the shirt at the wrong time.
They are both wonderful creations of art.
One is not better than the other, it just gives you a little more to look at and hold on to.
It's a matter of personal preference.
I love them all.
Will I marry a big breasted woman or a smaller breasted woman? The answer to that will be according to which woman steals my heart first.
First come first serve.
To sum up the comparison, small breasts and big breasts are both sexy and can equally stir up a mans passions.
In my opinion it's not the size that matters but the quality.
It's how you wear them that counts.
It's the Quality not the Quantity

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