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Images Of Sweaty Armpit - Pictures Of Hyperhidrosis - Sweat Gland Under Arm

Images Of Sweaty Armpit

Sweating is necessary for the body to release the unwanted substances from the body. It is a natural one that has to occur regularly in our body or else it may cause another problem in your body. When you put too much weight in the body the body goes out of shape and the body needs to cool frequently. Even to perform simple work the muscles have to work harder. This produces a lot of sweat. So to get rid of sweaty armpits you need to maintain a better body shape with regular exercise.

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Sweating occurs as a result of the secretion of waste materials by the myoepithelial cells squeezing the merocrine glands and the secretions stored over there are released. Sweat is made up of 99 percentage of water blended with the sodium chloride metabolites and waste materials. The sweat is directly released on the surface on palms and soles because of 500 merocrine glands are present per centimeter in both the hand and soles.

Exorbitant sweating in the underarms could be a inborn problem or a mild metabolic disorder. Either way excessive underarm sweating can be occasionally is ashaming problem for an individual that suffers this humiliating condition.

The approach to treating excessive sweating generally proceeds as follows: Iontophoresis. In this form of treatment the affected area is submerged in water and an electric current is passed through the water. It is unclear exactly how this treatment works; however the electrical charge may affect the production of sweat from glands. This method is time-consuming and requires several weeks of treatment to reach normal levels of sweating. Side effects include dry peeling skin.

Approximately 4 million sweat glands cover the body and produce the clear liquid that we know as sweat. The body produces sweat to help regulate its temperature. Certain triggers can cause us to sweat including warm temperatures exercise nervousness fear or embarrassment. In people with hyperhidrosis the amount of sweat produced is greater than normal and may occur even when the surrounding temperature is cool.

The amount of sweat that is excreted by the body is mainly dependent on the outside temperature and the exertion done by the body. More the exertion done more is the sweat produced so as to regulate the body temperature and to keep the body cool. . The chemical which gives out odor to sweat is 2 methyl phenol and 4 methyl phenol. The presence of these chemicals in the sweat is mainly responsible for the odor of the sweat. Sweat is excreted in humans through the sweat glands present in the body.

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