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Politics – Reaping Benefits from the Continuing Peace Process in the Middle East - N.A. Rubin

The ‘Peace Process' has not only affected Israel's relations with the Arab world, It has also greatly improved Israel's standing in the interrelations with 155 states., an increase of 64 since the convening of the Madrid Conference in 1991. In qualitive terms, special note should be taken of the development of Israeli relations with two great Asian powers, China and India.: the establishment of relations with these powers is a tremendous strategic and economic factor

In the same context, change has occurred in the European sphere. In the huge territory extending from the former east Germany in the west to Vladivostok in the east and India in the south, there were in the beginning of 1991 only two Israeli embassies, in Rumania and Nepal. Today there are diplomatic missions in all but five of the countries in the area – North Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan.
A breakthrough has also been achieved in Israel's relations with non-Moslem countries. Diplomatic ties have been established with nine states: Azerbaijan, Albania, Kazahstan, Krygyzstan, Tajikistan, Gambia, Nigeria, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. There has also been marked improvement in its relations with Turkey, both politically and economically, which holds special significance.
Israel has an exchange of diplomatic relations with the center of the Catholic world, the Vatican, following decades of total refusal on part of the church to establish diplomatic relations, for both theological and political reasons. (an in the year 2000 Pope Paul II made his historic pilgrimage to the Holy Land which cemented deepening relations

In Africa, Israel today has ties with thirty-two of the forty-three states south of the Sahara, which are not members of the Arab League. Israel maintains contact with both Tunisia and Morocco, which led to economic ties and tourist exchange.

The "Peace process' also facilitated the conclusion of an agreement improving terms of Israel's free trade agreement with European Union , allowing Israeli companies to compete better in the attractive EU markets

Following the Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty, a trade agreement has been signed between the two countries. Contacts between industrialists and commercial organizations began and in the ensuing years years trade between the two countries have been increased ten fold. The Egyptian authorities have facilitated the movement of businessmen in two directions and joint ventures have developed. Despite the absence of formal relations, business contacts have been established in several Gulf States.

The ‘Peace Process' has aroused great interest in the international business community, with regard to the regional potential of the Middle east in a time of Peace. This interest is reflected in the large number of visits to Israel by private-sector

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