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Why Everyone Should Want a Lazy Susan Turntable

Some ideas are just too unique to go un-noticed, and the concept behind a lazy susan turntable is just one of those ideas.
Very simple in its purpose, and very creative in practice, a lazy susan allows one to have easy 360 degree access to whatever item is placed upon it.
Put your items on a lazy susan turntable and rotate - what a simply powerful idea to help people access every angle! The limitations of uses are only determined by your own limitations for creative thought.
Once you start using one you will wonder how you ever lived without them in the past.
The real strength behind a lazy susan is its ease of use.
Very little energy is required to rotate an item placed on a lazy susan and the very smooth circular motion makes it a great addition for cake decorating.
Imagine being able to frost the sides of a cake in one simple fluid motion instead of having the herky-jerky motions that one gets trying to move their body around the cake or to rotate a normal plate in a circular fashion.
One can easily make perfect cakes with the use of a lazy susan with beautifully smooth sides and top.
Lazy susan's can be used in combination with serving trays to allow guests easy access to hard to reach items on the far side of a serving tray with a simple spin.
This idea works terrifically when having a fondue party where a number of people sitting around a table would want easy access to different items to dip into the fondue pot placed in the middle.
With a simple spin, a guest can easily access all of the items made available for dipping.
It can even become a bit of a conversation starter as people often interact with each other to help provide access to the various foods available for dipping.
Another great use idea in the kitchen is to install a lazy susan inside a kitchen cabinet that perhaps has a difficult area for providing accessibility to items stored in the cabinet.
Again, you are a simple spin away from being able to access items that are being stored in the back of the cabinet; no time consuming unloading and reloading all of the items from the front to be able to gain access to the items in the back.
This can be particularly helpful in a cabinet close to the cooking area where one wants the ability to quickly access spices and seasonings while cooking.
Lazy susan's are not limited to use in the kitchen as there are many practical applications for this unique appliance throughout the house.
Think utility closets, think using with a pedestal for holding jewelry, even think garage! The uses become ever more apparent the more you begin to look at confined spaces where you would like to store things but don't because of the limited access nature of the space.
A turntable is often a quick and inexpensive addition for converting tight spaces into fully functional and easily accessible ones.
By applying a little creativity hand in hand with a lazy susan turntable you will find that your life just got noticeably easier.

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