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How to Clean a Shar-Pei's Ears

    • 1). Clean your Shar-Pei's ears frequently. This means once every couple of weeks. The small and unique shape of its ears requires the owner to be particularly attentive when it comes to ear grooming. Shar-Peis are prone to ear infections and mites.

    • 2). Use an ear cleaner that is recommended by your vet. Read the directions, and stick to the dosages suggested on the box. Shar-Pei ears are very small, so keep that in mind as you clean them.

    • 3). Lay the dog down and use an eye dropper to drop the cleaner into the ear. Once the solution has penetrated the ear, let the dog shake out the liquid. Put him outside first, so that your house doesn't get a shower.

    • 4). Use a cotton ball or a cotton swab to wipe down the animal's ear. Don't try to go into the ear. You've already cleaned its inner ear with the solution: Sticking something unsanitary into the ear may cause infection. Clean all of the outer folds of skin -- to the best of your ability -- with the ear cleaner. Collect all ear wax with a cotton swab and throw it away.

    • 5). Do not let water enter your dogs ears during bathing. This will cause irritation that makes the dog want to shake, which can make bath time difficult for you. Moisture stuck inside the ear canal can cause painful infections. Most owners bathe their pet, clean the ears and trim its nails all at once. A Shar-Pei doesn't need bathing as often as they need ear cleaning. Over-bathing will lead to dry skin and a dull coat.

    • 6). Bathe your Shar-Pei once a month. Clean the ears during that bath time -- and once or twice in between bath times. If you see heavy wax buildup, repeat the cleaning procedure

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