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How to Make a German Shepherd Out of a Brown Paper Bag

    • 1). Lay the brown paper bag out on the table with the bag's opening at the bottom and the flap facing upwards.

    • 2). Cut or fold the bottom left and right hand corners of the flap, so that the flap now looks like a "V" with a flat bottom ( \_/ ) instead of a rectangle. This will become the dog's mouth and nose.

    • 3). Cut a piece of red construction paper into the shape of a tongue (U-shaped), and glue it under the flap of the brown paper bag so that the flat part of the flap and and the tongue are aligned.

    • 4). Cut two triangles from the brown construction paper to be the German shepherd's ears. Color the insides of the ears pink. Glue to the top of the brown paper bag.

    • 5). Midway down the flap, glue the googly eyes onto the brown paper bag. If you did not purchase googly eyes, move onto step 6.

    • 6). Using a photograph of a German shepherd as a reference, use a black marker to color in the nose and fur of the dog above the googly eyes. If you did not purchase googly eyes, use the marker to create two circles where the dog's eyes should be.

    • 7). If desired, draw paws on the body of the brown paper bag below the flap.

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