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The Chihuaha Dane

Twinkle is a little white Chihuahua.
When we first got her she was 5 weeks old and not much bigger than little white mouse.
She was a Christmas gift for my 6 year-old-grandson.
She quickly took control of the house.
She lived in the house with us, with a Great Dane as her best friend.
They made quite a pair! She would sit between Sandy's front legs,what a picture! I don't think Twinkle realized she was not as big as Sandy,who weighed 160 pounds.
Twinkle full adult weight topped out at 11 pounds! Twinkle was a great pet for a family.
She loved the kids dearly and would take turns sleeping with them.
Her main place was with Zak - her boy, but she made the rounds to all 4 of them, and to Grandma! She protected her family with as much courage as any big dog.
I've seen her jump way up in the air trying to reach bigger dogs when they came in our yard.
She would bark like crazy if any car came up.
She scared the mail man and the meter readers worse than any bigger dogs ever did.
She runs out to challenge them - no one would ever get in our house without a welcome (warm or otherwise) from Twinkle.
She would walk around our yard with Sandy - they were a team.
They were both good dogs who didn't run off or bother neighbors.
They were seen together patrolling the yard.
After several years together, Sandy died.
Twinkle was so lonely! But a neighbor told me he watched her walk around as they had done together, and he said he could just tell that she now knew she was in charge - she was protecting her family!He said she never knew she wasn't as big as her Great Dane sister.
Twinkle is a dearly loved and loving little dog.
She's a great watchdog and a playful companion all wrapped up in a little white package!

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