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Managing the sales floor at Starbucks looks easy right? Sure it looks easy but it is not really.
You see these young sales people and customer relations Starbucks Team Members have to know a lot of information in order to serve you.
Indeed they study stacks of binders full of information and load up their brains on subjects relating to coffee and then somehow still manage to remember your name and often your choice of coffee or tea too.
Why do these sales people work so hard? Well there are secret shoppers who come in and they give; Snap-Shots.
And grade the team members and the store.
Also realize that these Starbucks Team Members have to give legendary service and greet you within 30-seconds; why you ask? Well it is required of them and they know it.
Well and do not forget the tips too.
They know if they give the required legendary service that the tip jar increases as well too.
So, Managing the Sales Floor at Starbucks is not as easy as it looks and more businesses and business models should look at Starbucks and their success to build better sales teams and manage their sales operations better.
Because managing the sales floor has a lot to do with training, knowledge of product and customer service.
So think on that.

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