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How to Make Paper Garland

Things You'll Need



Uncover that stash of old greeting cards you can't bear to toss and recycle them into something new. Trace circles of various sizes onto the front of each card, and cut out. Secure each paper disc to a length of heavy thread using a glue stick, and a colored dot sticker. Wrap the paper garland around your Christmas tree as an eco-friendly alternative to store-bought tinsel.

Invite the holidays with themed paper garlands. Hang a display of alternating ghosts and pumpkins, cut from colored cardstock, from a fireplace mantel. Create a Valentine's Day garland with paper hearts in various shades of pink, red and white. Not only are these paper garland crafts easy, they are fun for the kids, as well.

Welcome a new baby into the family by creating a paper garland at a baby shower. Decorate a small paper plate with each letter of the baby's name. Likewise, have party guests write a blessing or welcome message onto each paper plate. Once the baby is born, string the plate from the hospital room, or hang it on the front door to welcome home the new mom and baby.

Count down the days to an exciting event by making a paper chain garland. Children will love to remove a link as the days grow closer to her birthday or the end of the school year.

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