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How to Photograph Works of Art

    • 1). Select the appropriate medium for photographing the works of art. If you will need slides for a particular application or purpose, use slide film to shoot the art. Most situations require digital images, so a digital camera is a good default choice.

    • 2). Set your camera to manual mode so you can control the focus and exposure settings.

    • 3). Set up your camera on a tripod. This will eliminate camera shake and enable you to achieve sharper focus.

    • 4). If possible, set up the art work to be photographed against a plain white or black background.

    • 5). Light the work of art with a combination of northern natural light and studio lights, and make sure no shadows are falling across the work.

    • 6). Take a light meter reading using your camera's light meter or a hand-held incident light meter. Determine the appropriate aperture and shutter speed accordingly.

    • 7). Frame the image so that the work fills the frame as much as possible. Focus the image carefully and take the picture.

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