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There are lots of questions that dog owners should ask regarding their dog's safety and health.
How often should the dog visit the veterinarian? For most dogs, they should visit their vet once a year for their vaccinations.
For puppies, they should visit their vets more often since they require frequent vaccination boosters.
If your dog has a medical problem, he should visit the vet more often.
When your dog is six years old, you can take him to the vet twice a year for a thorough check up to find out if he is healthy or if a budding disease may be cropping up that needs immediate attention.
How do I know if my dog is sick? It is important to know your dog well and watch out for any changes in his over all appearance, behavior, eating, and drinking patterns.
Other common signs include not having any appetite for food, changes in water consumption, changes in consistency of his wastes, vomiting, changes in behavior, weight loss, and frequent urination are other tell-tale signs of problems.
Some obvious signs include whimpering in pain and limping.
Should I neuter my dog? If you are not planning on breeding your dog, then you can choose to neuter him.
Health advantages include less aggressive behavior.
Furthermore, neutering reduces their risks of developing testicular and prostate cancer in male dogs.
Female dogs won't get mammary cancer, womb infections, and diabetes.
Neutering is usually performed on dogs that are six months old, although it can be done in very young puppies.
How do I stop my dog from eating grass? When dogs eat grass, they usually vomit.
It is believed that dogs in the wild have access to vegetation in the guts of the prey they eat.
Our modern dogs make up for this seeming lack by eating grass.
There is a grass marketed especially for dogs that, once sprinkled on dog food, will cause the dog to stop eating grass.
There are lots of dog questions that remain in the mind of dog owners.
It is important to ask your vet about any dog health concerns.

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