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Cloud Based Applications: A Brief Discussion

Did you know that each time you access your mail, you are actually using a cloud based app? A computer software that is offered to a target user in the form of a SaaS or Software as a Service taking the help of cloud providers or the internet is known as a cloud based application. The reason why cloud based apps are very popular is because the customers have to pay for using this type of software; however, they do not have to download the app or incur further expenditure on aspects such as app upgradation or maintenance of app servers. Today, more than 50 percent enterprises worldwide deploy cloud based mobile apps for faster completion of work at reduced costs.

How does an enterprise deploy cloud based apps?

There are various cloud application marketplaces which offer cloud based software over multiple categories for enterprises and individuals to choose from. The IT department of an organization must first identify the category of app required for work, and then deploy them from the marketplace. The providers of cloud based software generally offer free trial periods which the enterprises can avail by first signing up at the marketplace. If the enterprise is sure about the fact that the application has the desired features, it can use the cloud based app by paying for a monthly or annual term of usage. If after the trial period expires, the enterprise feels that the cloud based software will not serve its mobility purposes, subscription can be cancelled and it can sign up with another cloud app provider.

Functions of a cloud based mobile application:

What purposes does a cloud based app serve in order to contribute towards the business mobility of a modern enterprise? Some functionalities of cloud based mobile applications are:

1. These types of apps allow the user to create, manage, and monitor tasks related to mobility solutions for an enterprise.

2. Cloud based apps are generally deployed on a large scale in financial and accounting firms because they help in managing the accounts and sending invoices.

3. Cloud based applications are also used as effective time management tools; the calendaring apps especially allow enterprises to keep track of different corporate events and send out RSVPs to companies and individuals, thus reducing the total time in which a particular task can be completed.

The security issue of cloud based applications

Several users are of the opinion that cloud based apps are not very safe option if security of the enterprises mobile environment is taken into consideration. However, contrary to the popular belief, the cloud environment is considered more safe these days as opposed to the local computer. For example, though you have managed your work information in personal files and stored them in local devices, they are susceptible to stealth. However, if they are saved in the cloud, every cloud service provider will ensure that they are secure by means of backups, firewall security, or disaster discovery. Since the security of cloud based mobile applications were once put to question, modern service providers take more care to ensure safety, so as to attract larger number of users.

For their enhanced security levels and reduced costs, cloud based apps are gradually becoming the chosen software for several modern enterprises, irrespective of their sizes and types.

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