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Decorating: Can You Put Braided & Oriental Rugs in the Same Room?

    Area Rugs

    • 1). Use area rugs to define an area in a larger room to sit, chat, play, enjoy a fire or read a book.

    • 2). Cushion noise from footsteps and prevent falls caused by slipping on bare floors by using area rugs.

    • 3). Absorb noise from electrical toys, TVs, stereos and video games both in the room and from the room below by laying down Oriental and braided rugs in a family recreational room.

    • 4). Identify genuine Oriental rugs by the handmade knots on the underside. Machine-made rugs have no knots. Both use traditional geometric and floral designs created in China, Turkey, Iran, Tibet and India since the fourth century B.C. in a wide range of jewel colors.

    • 5). Provide a primitive, country look to a room's décor with braided rugs, which were originally handmade in Colonial America from scraps of clothing and other materials. Choose runners, ovals or rectangles in stripes, geometric designs, solid or multiple colors in cotton, jute, wool, leather or synthetics to cushion and warm small areas such as bow windows and alcoves in larger rooms.

    Mixing Rugs

    • 1). Group several chairs and side tables on an Oriental rug to create a separate conversation area in a living room, and place a braided rug in front of a bookcase or fireplace to provide a warm spot to relax on.

    • 2). Put a braided runner at the entrance of a family room or den to set the tone for the room, welcome visitors and separate it from the hallway and rest of the house. Lay an Oriental rug under a game table or desk to define an area within the room for the family to play cards or use social media.

    • 3). Position braided rugs in the colors of the sheets on both sides of a bed to give a warm cushion for feet on cold mornings and an Oriental rug at the foot of the bed that reflects the colors of the room for an elegant accent note.

    • 4
      Braided rugs give warmth and detail to small areas.Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

      Cushion and warm kitchen floors by putting braided rugs in complimentary colors in front of sinks and cooking areas, and place an Oriental rug under a dining table to set off the eating area and add a rich design to the décor.

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