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7 Spiritual Stages of Personal Power Throughout our life each of us faces physical and spiritual challenges.
From these challenges we can learn lessons that allow us to evolve to different and increasingly higher qualities of personal power.
Each of us has a different set of circumstances in which these challenges present themselves.
Therefore, we each learn our life lessons perhaps at different periods of our life, progress at varying degrees and from somewhat different happenings.
Of course, we each respond and act or react uniquely to each lesson presented us.
Through my own life experiences, through observation, from having read many spiritual and metaphysical type books and my training and certification in Reiki, I have come to realize that our life challenges and the lessons therein relate to and are in alignment with our 7 primary energy power centers.
our chakras.
Chances are that you have observed this in your life and that of others, as well.
We begin very early in our lives learning these life lessons.
For example, initially we are presented with challenges that teach us about how to live within our specific family and how to abide by our tribe's rules.
Eventually, we move into adulthood and learn how to go out on our own to live within a community other than our tribal family.
We might find a partner, develop some skills with which to provide a livelihood, enter a profession, maybe become parents, and such.
At varying stages of our life we are meant to learn responsibility, to grow in compassion for others, in wisdom, in understanding and in consciousness.
Again, our life circumstances and the challenges within dictate that we each move through these stages differently and at different times in our life.
No matter, there are still the 7 spiritual stages of personal power.
whether we realize this, or not.
It seems that sometimes we can even get struck in a certain stage of development by continuing to consistently live through the energy of a specific chakra.
It seems that some people never move through all the 7 spiritual stages of personal power during their lifetime on Earth.
Our energy power centers, the chakras, are aligned vertically from the base of the spine to the crown of the head with the 1st chakra being at the base and the 7th chakra being at the crown.
We initially experience our life challenges and lessons through the 1st chakra.
As we age we move upward through the other 6 chakras.
As we progress through each and experience the challenges and lessons presented us, we are meant to grow in personal spiritual power.
Following is a VERY brief explanation of what each of the 7 energy power centers represents and how each plays out in our life.
There is much more than what I am writing here.
If you are not already aware, nor know much about our seven energy power centers, I encourage you to explore all this more thoroughly.
Doing so will definitely raise your energy vibration as you begin to consciously live within each of the seven spiritual energy center stages.
The first chakra, at the base of the spine, contains energy that relates to our basic survival in the material physical world.
Located just below the waist is our second chakra.
It contains energy that teaches lessons related to our sexuality, work and creativity.
At the solar plexus of our body is the third chakra.
This third chakra concerns issues related to the ego, our personality and to our self esteem.
The chakra that dictates our expression of love, forgiveness and compassion is our fourth and is located in the area of our heart.
It is our fourth chakra, located in the center of our 7 spiritual energy power centers, that connects the energy of the lower chakras with the energy of the higher chakras.
The fifth chakra, located in the throat area, is related to the power of our will and our ability to express ourselves in our day to day living.
Moving upward and steadily developing our personal spiritual power as we do so, we next experience challenges and lessons in our sixth chakra.
Our sixth chakra governs our mind, rational thought, wisdom and insight.
It is located in the area between and slightly above our eyes.
As you can see, the direction of our spiritual development is 'up'.
Though, our development through our life challenges and lessons in each energy center is usually not a consistent straight up movement.
Like the path of our life journey our spiritual development of personal power can be winding with starts, stops and blocks.
We move upward from learning the basics of survival in our physical world to learning about our unity with all forms of life and learning about our connection with each other.
As we progress through these seven spiritual energy centers of personal power, we continue to have challenges and learn lessons to some degree in all the other chakras, as well.
Since we do exist in this physical plane we will always have to operate to some extent in the energy that each chakra presents us.
Otherwise, we would not be able to function properly at the physical level.
As we continue to age, have life challenges and learn the lessons contained within each, we ultimately move into the challenges and lessons within the energy of our seventh chakra.
This chakra is located at the crown of our head and is our spiritual connection to the Universe.
It is in our 7th spiritual stage of personal power that we energetically and powerfully connect with each other.
AND with the Divine!

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