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Las Vegas Wedding Favors - Ideas For Your Themed Wedding

Your big day is coming and you want to show your wedding guests just how lucky you feel by having a Las Vegas style wedding.
The Las Vegas wedding is all about pizazz, bright lights and big bold colors.
It's about taking a chance and finding the love of your life and wanting the world to know how excited you feel that you have found your prize at the end of the dating game.
Help your wedding guests experience this joy with Las Vegas themed wedding favors: Welcome to Las Vegas.
Invite your guests into the glamorous world of Las Vegas nightlife with unique wedding favors that are shaped like the famous road-sign that greets guests entering this desert paradise.
This classic and retro look will help set the atmosphere of your wedding day.
There are lots of choices, from place card holders and coasters to mini favor boxes that hold dice, chips or other memorabilia.
The sign is well known around the world and your wedding will capture some of the class of the strip for all ages to enjoy.
Two of a kind.
Vegas is known for card games so you will want to include this theme into your Las Vegas wedding favors.
Find unique playing card wedding favors that can be personalized with the bride's and groom's names to set at place settings for wedding guests.
Make sure they have lots of bright red hearts to let your wedding guests know that you are two of a kind.
Playing cards can be suspended from the ceiling, placed into large glass bowls or scattered across tables.
They can even be used for games at wedding showers, bachelor or bachelorette parties.
Even the shapes that are found on playing cards can be used in the Las Vegas themed wedding favors, from wine bottle stoppers to candles and candies shaped like hearts, clovers, diamonds or spades.
High roller.
Show your wedding guests a great time by providing dice themed wedding favors at your Las Vegas style wedding.
Dice are so much fun for all ages.
You can get them in mini size to use in favor boxes, dice shaped picture frames or place card holders and even giant dice to toss around the room for some fun at the wedding shower or reception.
Just be sure to take your chances and roll the dice, the odds are in your favor.
The chips are stacked.
Las Vegas big winners know that the bigger the stack, the better.
So be sure that you use poker chips as wedding favors for your Las Vegas themed wedding.
Poker chips can be printed with the names and dates of the wedding date and slipped into wedding invitations.
They can be used in games, or handed out to wedding guests to help them find their seats at the wedding event or reception.
Chips are inexpensive wedding favors, they're easy to make ahead of time, and they can be scattered around the reception hall for guests to take home to enjoy later.
Las Vegas wedding favors are lots of fun.
At your wedding, give your guests a night to remember.

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