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How to Build a Virtual Ridge

    Vue Infinite

    • 1). Start Vue Infinite. Go to the toolbar on the left and click on the “Terrain” icon. A default mountain will appear in the scene.

    • 2). Double-click the mountain in the scene to open the “Terrain Editor.” Click on the “Reset” icon to get a flat surface to edit.

    • 3). Click the “Raise” tool on the left and adjust the “Size,” “Softness” and “Flow” to suit your needs. Use the tool to begin drawing a range of mountains in the editor. You can adjust the settings on the brush as you work. You can use the “Dig” brush to remove material if you add too much. When you are done, click “OK” and save your work.

    Cinema 4D

    • 1). Start Cinema 4D. Go to the “Primitives” icons at the top and click on the “Mountain” shape.

    • 2). Click "Primitives," then the "Mountain" shape again to create another mountain. Use the “Move” tool to position the other mountain so it abuts the first. Continue this process of adding mountains until you have your mountain range.

    • 3). Adjust the size and shape of your mountains using the "Scale" tool. Save your work.


    • 1). Start the SketchUp application. Select the default 2D figure in the view and delete it.

    • 2). Click the “From Scratch” icon on the “Sandbox” controls at the top. A plane will appear.

    • 3). Click the “Add Detail” icon and use the tool to add peaks to the shape, raising them to the height you want. You can also use the “Smooth” tool to reposition the peaks. Save your work.

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