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Natural Cures for Gallstones

As there are natural cures for gallstones, there is no need to worry about pain in the upper abdomen and pain in the back between shoulder blades and nausea and vomiting for a long time. It is possible to cure gallstones without surgery. Read on to know about conventional and improvised home remedies used as natural cure for gallstones .

Bile is stored in the gallbladder till it is needed for digestion of fat. When gallbladder fails to contract and push bile to small intestine through common bile duct these gallstones are formed. Indigestion problems, skin and white of the eyes turning yellow and clay-like stools and dark colored urine are also symptoms of formation of gallstones.

As women have weight loss problems, multiple pregnancies and obesity crisis there they are more affected by gallstones than men.  Being of female species, excess cholesterol, obesity, excess estrogen, being over 60years and fasting are the causes of gallstones. There are natural cures for cholesterol stones, pigment stones and mixed stones which contain 80%, 20% and 20-80% cholesterol respectively

The sufferer should retain healthy diet and do exercises regularly. He may have coffee and should drink plenty of water. Eat nuts and vegetables and avoid junk food and reduce carbohydrates intake

Drink apple juice for two days and take 3ounces of fresh squeezed lemon and 3 ounces of dark olive oil on the second day night. You will be able to pass these stones on the third day.Quebra Pedra in the form of tea enables you to get relief. Olive oil is very effective in dissolving these stones.

Nature can cure You

If you ask nature to cure your Gallstones ,nature wil dissolve & pass your gallstones within hours.

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