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How to Make a Princess Crown Invitation

    • 1). Print or draw a crown template for the invitation. Some do-it-yourself party websites have downloadable crown templates. If you want to draw your own, draw it in pencil on thin cardboard such as an empty cereal box. Use a picture of a crown as a guide. Make a top with five points that end in small circles. The middle point should be a little taller than the rest. The left and right sides should taper slightly to a straight bottom. Leave enough room between the top and bottom to contain all the party information such as date, time, location and so forth. If you will be mailing the invitations, make the template to fit inside the envelopes you want to use. Cut out the template.

    • 2). Trace the crown template onto pink and lavender cardstock. Trace as many crowns as you need invitations. Cut out all the crowns from the cardstock with a craft knife instead of scissors for more control.

    • 3). Cut rectangles out of additional pink and lavender cardstock that will fit on the crowns between the top and bottom. Glue a pink rectangle on each lavender crown and a lavender rectangle on each pink crown.

    • 4). Cut a rectangle out of white card stock for each invitation. Make the white rectangles slightly smaller than the size of the lavender and pink cards. Glue a white rectangle in the middle of each pink or lavender rectangle on the invitations. The pink or lavender card behind the white rectangle should form a colorful border around it.

    • 5). Print the party information on the white cards. Use glitter pens or colored markers to enhance the design. Glue a sequin or a craft gemstone to each small circle on the points of the crown. Decorate the invitation in any other way you want.

    • 6). Address the envelopes and insert the invitations into them. They are ready for delivery.

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