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Factors To Consider Before Booking A Limousine

For most people, limos are for red carpets with the paparazzi raving after.
A fancy limousine is not just limited to that.
You may not have a show stopping greet at the entrance but arriving in a limousine is always stylish.
It is easier than imagined and takes only couple of hours to finalize.
Start with fixing the budget.
Have a fair idea on how many people will be travelling and how much are they willing to pitch in.
A nominal limousine without any frills will cost around thirty bucks per head estimating the number of passengers around ten.
If you have a fancy SUV in mind, it might go up to hundred per person.
To get the best discounts and packages, compare various vehicle companies before you decide to settle in.
If you are hiring more than one vehicle or for multiple purposes, discounts are usually given.
Most reliable brands have all the required information in their websites.
Know your priorities to choose what fits your criteria and pocket.
Ask them about the extra charges if you are late or require the limo for additional hours.
Ask beforehand if you need to pay additional for the bar usage or if you are allowed to invite in few drinks.
Plan Ahead! You will be amazed how quickly limos are snapped during the occasion.
For weddings, people start booking for services at least twelve to eighteen months ahead of the day.
For other events like prom a month start ahead should do the job.
Remember, getting a prom dress is easier than getting a limo.
Start the preparation with enough time in hand and once you have decided it, do not wait but book it as soon as possible.
One of the best ways to choose the right company is by assessing how they respond back to your phone calls.
This is major as there is always a risk quotient attached while on roads.
While booking, you might have to pay at least 25% to 30% of the final charges.
Keep in mind the cancellation plans.
Therefore before you sign any documents, ask for cancellation policies, rental contract, and other reservation formalities.
Another important thing is to check out the insurance policy.
See if the company is licensed and insured which should include not only the vehicle but also the passengers inside.
Confirm about the trip in advance or be "late fashionably"!

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